Update: Tiger search called off

Disneyland do not think the tiger is likely to get into the park

Locals are still being urged to stay vigilant and to report any further sightings

THE SEARCH has been called off for a large cat, first thought to be a tiger, which is believed to be on the loose in the Seine-et-Marne near Disneyland Paris.

Experts analysing the animal's tracks believe it weighs less than 20kg and security officials have downplayed the threat that it poses.

Locals are still being urged to stay vigilant and to report any further sightings.

On Friday, security staff at Disneyland Paris were on the lookout in case the "tiger" – which was spotted in a town just 2km away – got into the park.

A large-scale hunt, organised by the prefecture, took place in surrounding areas for the young tiger which was first spotted in a supermarket car park in Montévrain, on the north-west edge of Disneyland Paris, in Seine-et-Marne.

A Disneyland Paris spokeswoman on Friday said: “There is no reason to worry; we’re aware of it and we’ve done all that’s necessary for the safety of our customers – we’ve already got security staff, who are watching out, and the prefecture is doing all that’s needed too. I really don’t think it will come as far as us.”

She added there was no chance of visitors mistaking the escaped tiger for one of their own costumed characters, Tigger, because “Tigger is bright orange; his colour is completely different, I don’t think they can confuse the two”.

The latest sighting is said to have been at a Total service station by the A4 motorway. Paw prints were found there on Friday morning by investigators.

An animal tamer from the Pinder Circus, Frédéric Edelstein, gave Le Parisien advice for anyone coming face to face with the animal. He said the best thing to do is shout at it.

But he added that anyone who spotted it would be best not to attract its attention – and should not panic and run away.

The search had been most intensive between Montévrain and Chessy and people in that area have being advised to stay at home or inside vehicles and to call the police or pompiers if they spot the tiger.

Photo: Dan Kamminga

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