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Vets 'charge top dollar for meds'

Vets in France can charge more than €40 for flea and tick treatment, which cost vet just €18 to buy, study finds

12 August 2014

PET OWNERS in France are paying a high price when they buy medicines from the vet, the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) has said.

It has suggested that the cost of medicines, such as Frontline, be made available online.

The recommendation was made after a survey price found mark-ups of about 40% on some products, as vets, pharmacists and licenced farmers’ groups benefit from a monopoly on the supply of pet medication to the public. There are no controls on the selling price of the products.

The study found that clients can pay more than €40 for six pipettes of the pest-control product Frontline, which vets can buy in for just €18, Le reports.

Meanwhile, distemper vaccine Eurican sells for nearly €10 - but costs veterinary professionals €4.38.

The inflated cost of such products can unfairly subsidise the cost of veterinary procedures, the IGF said.

The IGF recommended that there should be a clear separation between the sale of animal pharmaceuticals and medical procedures.

It also said that prices should be made freely available on the internet - as in the case for human medication - so that pet owners can make an informed decision.

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