Violent hailstorm hits Ile-de-France

The storm approaches the Eiffel Tower - Screengrab: Earth TV

Weather alert as Ile-de-France faces hailstones as large as 3cm in diameter – while Grenoble will reach 36C

PARIS and the Ile-de-France is under orange weather alert today as Météo France warned that violent thunder and hail storms would batter the area.

The storm is due to pass by 11.00 but Météo France says that winds could reach 80kph and be extremely dangerous and that hailstones could reach as big as 3cm.

Such hailstones could damage cars and light buildings, such as caravans and outhouses, and the weather agency also warned of a serious risk of flooding in cellars and low-lying areas.

Two storms have already hit Tours this morning, with many reports of damage and pompiers involved in more than 200 incidents. Vineyard owners have reported that the hail had been very violent and had stripped leaves off their vines “as if with secateurs” one said on RTL.

However, very hot weather is also on the way, with Grenoble likely to hit 36C this afternoon. Elsewhere, forecasters said that the lowest temperature in France was likely to be 18C in Brittany with 30C+ common across many parts of the country.
Screengrab: Earth TV

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