We're not scroungers!

The Winter Fuel Allowance is all but enough.

9 January 2014

I HAVE just taken delivery of my usual log supply for the winter.

As always, it cost more than the Winter Fuel Allowance but it is essential to keeping warm, something the allowance was meant to help with.

As someone who has paid income tax in the UK since completing National Service in 1950 and am still paying at 82, I object to being classed as some sort of scrounger.

I think the decision is a cynical ploy to attract votes and is not really a money-saver.
I think it is based on envy and ignorance.
Envy in the assumption that if you can live abroad you are rich.

When we came here the cost of living was less than in the UK, but we also came for a better lifestyle.

Ignorance in that whoever dreamed this up in his heated office in Whitehall is unaware that France has a continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters.

He probably spends his summer holidays on the Med or in Spain.

I can tell you that last winter was worse than any we experienced in South Yorkshire.
Frank Osborn

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