Zero alcohol limit for young drivers

0.5g limit could be reduced to 0 for drivers aged 18-24 in a bid to reduce road deaths

24 December 2012

YOUNG drivers in France could break the law if they are found with any alcohol in their blood, in a new zero-tolerance approach to drink-driving being considered by road safety authorities.

If approved, it means the current 0.5 gram/litre limit could be reduced to 0 for drivers aged 18-24.

The French government's road safety representative, Frédéric Péchenard, told the Journal du Dimanche that road safety body CNSR would discuss the move shortly.

He said a quarter of people killed on French roads were aged under 24.

Mr Péchenard also told the paper that, from November, it will be possible for French authorities to send driving fines to the owners of foreign-registered cars in other EU countries, "with the exception of Britain, Ireland and Denmark".

Meanwhile, an €11 fine for any driver without breathalysers in their car applies from March next year.

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