137 March 2014

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137 March 2014
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Not enough English teachers in France - how to train for a job
The Sterling / Euro exchange rate to use for 2014 French tax forms
French Marriage regimes: How they affect expats buying property
Stop irritating cold calls
In-depth look at the housing law that is rewriting property market rules
How the Loi Madelin saves money for the self-employed
Reader Q&As: Will France bring in the 2015 inheritance change earlier?
Education changes
US Bank Holidays delay British pension payments in France
PLUS:  Ten pages of news updates
PLUS: Normandy prepares to welcome Obama and Queen Elizabeth for June’s D-Day commemorations - 5 million visitors are expected.
PLUS: Delicious and easy French regional recipes from the BBC’s Rachel Khoo
PLUS:  Paris mayor candidates – the key policies
PLUS:  4-page special property spotlight on the Rhone-Alpes