139 May 2014

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139 May 2014
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Claim power bill cashback, urge lawyers
Jean-Paul Goude: The French man who created that image of Grace
Redrawing regions would save billions
Lodge your claim for power rebate
Laguiole loses court fight to use village name
New-look Paris Zoo goes back to nature
Barclaycard to shut ‘non UK’ accounts
Bikecam plan on Le Tour
Family lose house after radiation find
Netflix debut threat to culture funding
Two-way speed cameras tested
Carla’s Paris on Radio 2
Expert says a second quake is due
50 official ways to make your life simpler
MPs say animals have feelings but not in a bullfight
New rights for customers voted in
Grenoble will host a fleet of tilting Toyotas
Leigh, Loach and Godard in battle for Cannes win
2B or not 2B: why drivers choose Corsica plates
Tightrope walker in Seine challenge
20 years under the Channel
Can new PM rescue France and its most unpopular president?
Valls and Hidalgo are two of many Spanish integration successes
A strong hand on the tiller, a drift to the right and France may be on course
It’s never been so bad for the Socialists
Why racism is on the rise across France
Rogue ski instructors and the etiquette of headphones
Beautiful Burgundy needs help to thrive
These false prophets will close down our countries
What does the AOP label on food signify?
Making sence of: HOMES FOR THE ELDERLY
School reports should be more positive and helpful
European election vote open to EU nationals in France
Advice tour is back on the road
More clarity on bank fees
Financial privacy changes have far-reaching effects
WHEN THE SPIRIT CALLS: A rare visit to the Chartreuse monks
Rare glimpse of life for monks who produce famous liqueur
Men of faith who produce gourmet wine and cheese
My theatre is here for everyone
Jean-Paul Goude: master of images
Our love of gardening helped us put down new roots in France
Open your gates to help children’s charity appeal
Nature Notes: Hooks and lines dumped by fishermen kill birds and fish
Plants that thrive in the Mediterranean climate
Return of the grey wolf sparks new calls for tougher clampdown
French property review
Tax on French rental income of non-residents
Our pick of events to get your teeth into
Quoi de neuf? New trends, products, designs, info and ideas across France
We want to make France the world centre of caviar
Skiers grin and bare it...in May
Sun, sea and mountains open up the outdoor life
French internet giants you may not even know
Dobble trouble for Hasbro as Monopoly loses top slot
Cruise visitors give Marseille thumbs up
Lighter airline seats save weight and fuel
Paris community garden plan is a blooming success
New homes must save energy from the start
Low-efficiency houses sell for nearly 30% less than average
Do we really need estate agents to sell our houses?
I sold my Paris flat in three days without an agent
A shed load of ideas for a new garden space
The tiny Breton island that uses two time zones