142 August 2014

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142 August 2014
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Mafia alert raised over wind farms
interview: Jonny Wilkinson
Watchdog warning on wind farm corruption
Monopoly pay cuts could save billions
Riptide danger for visitors
Historic chapel near Monet’s cliff is for sale
Holidays delay UK state pensions again
New plan cuts number of regions to just 13
Burqa ban lawyers fear tighter restrictions will now follow
France has 5m lonely people
11,000 Mona Lisas at Louvre
Plans for rise in tourist tax are dropped
New logo will show dishes made by restaurant and not bought-in
Equality lessons dropped after parent protests
Amazon snubs new law
‘French Bond’ made MBE
Peek inside presidents’ holiday home
Dramatic rescue as cable car derails above Grenoble
‘Be proud’ Hollande tells France
Leaders gather to mark the ‘war to end all wars’
Museums and exhibitions give a different view
My great grandfather was friend of Jaurès - he could have stopped the war
I changed my mind on assisted suicide...
Euthanasia cases reopen the debate on end-of-life
Why I helped my sick partner to take own life
People are really afraid of physical degradation
If guilty, Sarko must face jail or France will lose faith in politics
Passport forms are impossible but people should be better prepared
What about Alcock and Brown?
UK’s driving offences stance is hypocritical
FN and UKIP are equals, neither have answers
What started the love padlocks?
Make sense of: Caravan/towing rules
Drivers happy with online deals
No need for the contrôle technique  with recent MOT
Mairie told me to become Muslim to marry
One in five people now have insurance for funeral costs
Assurance scolaire - is it obligatory?
Will my French property income be taxed twice?
Plan carefully to avoid expensive tax pitfalls
  Outlook looks positive for older property sales
Prices drop for seaside properties – but it depends on where you live
Enjoy the outdoor lifestyle amid spectacular landscapes 
We love to live in tune with the ebb and flow
Manicures, cool cuts and colour rinses   - and they say it’s a dog’s life!
Caroline is champ of the crimpers
Grooming is essential and our dogs love it!
We made the great escape for à more peaceful life in France
One year to go to inheritance law change: are you affected?
Barking dogs are the No1 cause of neighbour rows
Lovesick peacock’s cries made couple ill
New measures will make it easier and cheaper to go green at home
Cavalry ride turns clock back 100 years