143 September 2014

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143 September 2014
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Energy law aims to halve power costs
Top 5 places to live in France
Regions, notaire fees and income tax up for debate
Law ‘stops teens working high up’
Last-ditch bid UK may end tax allowance for expats to reclaim CSPE
Just 4 French universities in top 100 list
Life is best in the Midi-Pyrénées
Hospital opens a wine bar for patients
Row as EU says lavender oil is a chemical product
Energy law to halve power costs
Foodie film wins stars from Michelin chefs
Colour-coded food plan attacked
Law to donate stores’ leftovers
Claims of vultures killing live animals
Bank to close accounts of UK savers living abroad
Gloomy outlook for holiday trade
Nato honours its casualties
Pull out this plant if it is in your garden
UK may end tax allowance for expats
Inside Free founder’s hothouse for ‘geeks’
France has right culture for high-tech firms
Juppé shows that conviction politicians can still be winners
I aim to make Grenoble the green capital
What is this spectacular flower?
Make sense of: Les trente-cinq heures
Foreign students find a keen welcome in France
Couple’s 10-year dream of moving to France dashed by healthcare ban
Bank clients claim back insurance cash
Orange to extend ‘pay by mobile’
Private jets on the cheap
How do I ensure HMRC registers move to France?
Keep up to date with the changes on way
A walk on the wild side
We love nature and the great outdoors
So close to the sea and the mountains
Refuges: a welcome haven for  mountaineers
Britons pioneered alpinism in France
After moving to France, the next home made life better
Bargain buys can mean a holiday home for 50,000 euros
UK buyers reaping benefit of deals
Letting should bring a 5% return
Those exempt from home tax last year benefit again
Independent book stores – a real-life survival story
Water-way to live...
Your school needs you
The original wine marathon
Waterways offer a new and relaxing way of life
We love the freedom this life on the canals brings us
  French waterways are wonderful... but more care needs to be taken
So many beautiful places still to see!
I just could not live in a house again
Call of the wild
Red deer mating cries take over the forests
Moves to end trapping birds with glue welcomed
Be active in your

local school
Rare chance to meet heroes of the Resistance
10,000 euros for cancer unit
Meadows and pastureland are making a return as farmers and town planners discover the benefits of biodiversity
With the right guide, wild orchids are all around
Towns create a green corridor to let wildlife travel
Normandy marks birth of classic crime writer
George’s outfit is from firm that ‘invented pants’
I’m moving over: France is a hit with Anglo-French Stranglers star
Tu peux me tutoyer si vous voulez!
France copied the English and put a tax on windows
Have you the bottle for the vineyard marathon?