144 October 2014

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144 October 2014
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9 million to pay less income tax
Relief at Scottish ‘no’
Less ferry choice for passengers as DFDS closes Channel route
Could burgers be fait maison?
Soak up Picasso culture
Nice as hot as Cairo if climate changes continue
France is worst for card fraud
Bikers deny that they are the bad boys of the road
Nantes surgeons fit second artificial heart
Requests flood in for Angelina Jolie Maleficent shoes
Power supply warning for future winters
Minister is against medicine sales outside pharmacies
For the record, we’re doing well...
Bank workers ‘stole 1.8m euros in old notes’
Last days to give views on UK’s expat tax plans
France loses ski prize but tourist chief is confident
Three-year film rule is a blow as Netflix launches
Embassy marks 200 years in Paris
2015 wine prices should be stable as growers report a good harvest
Tories pledge to end ‘15-year voting limit’
Historic Hermione docked
MP blames ‘administration phobia’ for his failure to fill in tax form or pay rent
Scrum for naked calendars
Pink poo paint plan turns dog owners’ faces red
We enjoy our lives in this beautiful, free country thanks to their heroism
All talk and no action means the government must fall apart
Tired of celebrity and of men, Bardot turned to her only real love, animals
Bardot foundation is a world leader in animal rights
Pet travel - what are the rules?
Builders lose out on 450,000 euros over treasure rules
When a firm goes bust
UK cracks down on EHICs for visitors
Is it better to be overdrawn at my UK or French bank?
No change to WFP ban for ‘hot’ France
Jail for running online business listing scam
No obligation to use car maker for services
How much do you have to own to pay wealth tax?
Questions over UK rental income and government pensions
End of Napoleon’s reign on inheritance rules
We knew it was the best place to live...but now it’s official!
Beautiful villages with a taste of medieval life
We took up a completely different career after moving over
Find the right advice and do not be daunted by the French system
New bid to kickstart construction
Britons get a new taste for buying property in France
Buying costs lower than expected
Ecological straw houses will not be blown away
Online dating becomes more like real life