147 January 2015

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147 January 2015
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Sunday shopping laws to be relaxed
France looks at switch to PAYE tax
French film stars’ pay to be capped
Healthcare is rated highly in EU study
Paris fire ban scrapped but diesel still a target
Today’s heatwaves will be ‘cool’
15-year rule bill read without opposition
Name debate begins for 13 super regions
Frostbite man hits at UK Scrooge cut in winter payment
Hollande will not receive 36,000 euro pay-off
Treasure is hidden in galette des rois
Mont Saint-Michel bridge opened to all
What’s new for 2015
Plucky Robert marks 103rd birthday with a new record
UMP backs Sarkozy but public still frosty
Stephanie’s wonder goal beats Zlatan
Solidarity not charity
Volunteer food banks collect 12,500 tonnes of food to give families help to beat winter
Exotic getaways are easier and cheaper from France
Gay MPs are not the issue – it’s the bent ones we need to scrutinise
Will you be able to vote in a UK EU referendum?
Make sense of Associations French clubs and charities
Free (or cheap) ways to listen or read via the internet
How can I remove bees from my wall without killing them?
UK pension change means more choice
‘Reform plan is bad for us and clients’
15 new fines proposed to cut cycling accidents
Changes to UK tax allowance delayed to 2017
Is VAT payable twice on imports from outside EU?
Sell UK home before you move to France
Time to take stock and prepare for changes
Does Brittany need to reinvent its brand?
‘Other parts of France think Brittany is the country cousin’
French love the coasts, British love the calm
Lifestyle offers balance
We took leap of faith in trying new pastimes and opened our horizons
Could buying a ski property be a swish investment?
Payout fears as holiday flats set to slide into sea
Offices helping Paris keep its housing tax low
Toilet regulations are given new flush of life
My seller was bankrupt so I too must pay twice for home
Bio in France is growing but is it really better?
Cartoon heroes: how France still excels in the ‘ninth art’
Where to begin? Some famous BD artists to try
Zooming in on everyday wildlife on your doorstep
New year, new friends: five lively groups to boost your social life
A night with the stars Admire the beauty of space at 2,877 metres
Snow sculptures and a conscription march!
New trends, products, designs, info and ideas across France
A buyer and a cellar: should you invest in French wine?
Bid to protect rillettes, thyme and salt
Photographer’s love letter to France goes on display