150 April 2015

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150 April 2015
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Revealed: the cost of a good life in France
Winter fuel ban is not equal treatment: MEP
Flying car prepares to land on the Riviera
EU court ruling is good news for second homes
150 bridges built across our cultures
Loss for left as 28 departments move to right
Twizy car can be driven at 14
Paris to ban all cars for one day
‘New’ plan to improve rural life falls short of expectations
Business roofs to go green or solar
Doctors fear they will be left paying costs for patient care
Collège reforms will teach all pupils a third language
Catholics attack dating site over ads for infidelity
Commuter sues SNCF after 1 in 3 trains regularly delayed
Bid to ban hunt from classrooms
No1 for tourism, France also leads way in other fields
Court bans ‘obscene’ cakes
Mayor defends ‘speed up’ signs
‘Exceptional’ treasures in Iron Age tomb
Biarritz beach best in France
French troops look to US and UK’s example on treating their wounded soldiers
Sarko may be back from the dead but still faces spectre of Le Pen’s FN
‘We use it because it works’ - mysterious coupeurs de feu are welcome in hospital
Do experts recommend using e-cigarettes to reduce smoking?
Make sense of The EIRL business set-up
New rules on spare parts
Get your bone density checked
Are you wasting money on your mobile phone deal?
New ceiling for refund rates on specs
New 20 euro note in bid to beat fakes
Non-bank bank accounts take off
Is it right to pay social charges on UK investments?
UK CGT is now payable by expatriates
Being tax resident in France can pay if you know rules
High life in the Alpes-Maritimes
Discover the ‘perched villages’ and their residents
Solidarity is the key to mountain living
Peace and space in the country or socialising and facilities in the city?
The hidden meaning of France’s lost symbols
MP wants skate ban near homes
Wastewater - have you been checked?
Second homes pay the price for financial fear and society change
Donkeys make easy job of clearing tough brush
Nice shop but you can only buy if you do some work
we celebrate 150 editions of The Connexion
150 people who helped build the Anglo-French connection
The Connexion 12 years - 150 editions and lots of plans
Sail of the century
We interview the captain of the Hermione replica as it prepares to cross the Atlantic
Revolutionary French ship Hermione sets sail once again
Lafayette: French army general who became an American hero
Something fishy here – but what is it?
Find Easter church services in English across France
Orchestra of cowbells brings music to the Alps
Get rid of that dirty diesel as electric cars given 10,000 euro boost
Egg-hunts, kites and mucking around in mud
Magnolias: named after a Frenchman
Horse ride across France to help young in need
Theatre group needs some new blood
Meet the makers of real jambon de Paris
Making the perfect croque-monsieur
Stay in a hobbit house... in a tree or up a chimney