152 June 2015

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152 June 2015
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Poll debunks myths about the over-55s
Disabled stunt pilot makes air history
Car hire change for UK drivers: Be ready
Don’t hide your British accent – the French love it!
Millions have received backdated power bills
Postal vote chaos fears for EU referendum
Data row after mayor ‘counts’ Muslim pupils
Nationality conundrum for baby born on plane
Crackdown on top-up insurance fraud
Strict sale periods return this summer
Public pay costs as 77% of waste is not recycled
New dictionary words are a ‘selfie’ of today’s language
All change for Eurostar and ferry is saved
Windfarm corruption cases grow
‘Le running’ takes off but dogs left out
Hail vineyards face 7m euro bill
Live music at restored Paris band stands
Napoléon is celebrated more outside France than within
Waterloo replay sees 5,000 take to the field in battle spectacular
Code Civil, the roads and ‘Not tonight, Joséphine’
School plans will dumb down French education
I can’t walk but the sky
is the limit
What happened to our postal votes?
Make sense of LA PLAGE No-one can stop you accessing the sea
I built internet for village with tin cans and wire
New law will make it easier to change bank
Hotel swapshops cut room prices
How can I work out capital gains on my old shares?
The loss of financial privacy will affect us all
The revival of France’s marshland
Change in fortunes but national park’s future is still fragile
Our challenge is to make changes and protect biodiversity
Inheritance change: Is it time to think of making a French will?
Our new family members are well bred
Free-range farmers give advice on setting up
France’s glorious gardens open up for all to explore and enjoy
Cut-price Normandy land sale is big success
Enjoy a taste of royal living
Paris: The city of lights, camera, action...
French solidarity knows no borders
Will Champagne and its caves become France’s 40th Unesco site?
Protecting Brittany’s standing stones is key to being listed
Unesco ‘rejects’ return for another bid to win
World Highland Games come to France
Tough stance on badgers is unfair, says charity
Classic cars at charity show
Join in with scrapbooking
New vicar at St Michael’s
Eymet cricket season is in full swing
Centuries-old Breton fishing traditions are passed down the line
Friendly, fun and cheap ways to enjoy the great outdoors
It’s not a holiday, it’s another way of living
Mountains, biking, gardens and a festival of cod
Dos and don’ts of wine tasting in France
For a taste of a different terroir, try our pick of artisan cheeses
Garden full of the scents of France wins gold at Chelsea