153 July 2015

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153 July 2015
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GDF fined us for saving too much power
Briton to lead Paris orchestra
The village that celebrates traffic jams
Explore hidden France
Churches are built into the solid rock
Buried treasures are some of France’s hidden secrets
Sails boost for cross-Channel trade
The Bard helps save threatened chapel
12 classic books to take you on a trip around France
The car’s the star at 5,500 events across France
Lights, lavender and live music for July
Bag a bargain – buy ugly food
Organic vignerons still spray – and may do even more harm
Herb syrups are inspired by summer days in grandma’s garden
France culls sharks but their threat to humans is minuscule
Home of the future traps year-round sun
GdF fined us for saving too much power
Briton to lead Paris orchestra
Fight to keep missing daughter search open
Revival for 1,000 rural post offices
Local choir receives dream invite to sing at Carnegie Hall
Passengers in dark over the future of channel ferry service
New investment fund aims to boost tourists to 100 million
Bullfight fans contest removal from French heritage list
International section change angers parents
Third of wine sales are in a box
No ruling yet on social charges
Half of drivers admit to being baffled by everyday road signs
Playpark smoking ban as numbers rise
Optional pollution stickers for cars
France’s 1st World Entrepreneur was born in a tent
Intel and Facebook pick France for new digital research projects
After the French dream: the UK reality
Expats may be left out in Brexit talks but that may be a good thing
Will long-term Britons abroad be able to vote in EU referendum?
Popularity is not a carte blanche to do what you like
Military might and memories on parade on July 14
Grab a roadside seat to see the best of Le Tour
Is the Channel Tunnel safe from risk of earthquakes?
Make sense of juillettistes and aoûtiens - Les Grandes Vacances
Here retirement is seen as positive and fulfilling ‑ not a time for rest
Cloves, oils and
Santolina can keep garden pests away
Call for tougher laws on squatters
Airline course helped readers beat flying fear
Government pensions now paid later
Tip offs about tax (or other) fraud cannot be anonymous
EU still stalling over WFP temperature test
France has 30 local monies to rival euro
Bank is asking for indepth details of personal finances
Clear the
confusion over inheritance changes
D’un roamin’ ... in France
Hands-on with Limousin artisans
Making gloves is still a living tradition
With Agnelle even the prototypes are luxurious
How do you go on holiday when you’re already there?
Two wheels can help open up France and you do not need to be superfit
Brits ignore Brexit fears and continue to hunt properties
Village in €1 land bid to save its school
Lifting lid on roof styles
Brittany gets its own cheese from the seas
Wine too is matured undersea or in lakes