155 September 2015

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155 September 2015
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Best year ever for tourism
Meet the world’s first robot with feelings ...and it is French!
12 months for UK banks to offer expat accounts
Paris goes car-free for a day
‘Spectacular’ tourist season as France hits 85m visitors
Foreign naturists are outstripping French
Problems at Calais deter UK visitors
Wallabies living wild in France for 40 years
Paris no longer a top city to live in
Inheritance case raises concerns
British passenger numbers up 5.1%
I stopped intensive farming and now sell my meat on its quality
Holiday-makers leave kittens to die
Small firms get home protection
Soaring road deaths spark tough action
New mosquito virus fear
French social robot is a sell-out in Japan
Son’s rescue costs family €88,000
Islanders will again escape local tax bills
Terror charges dropped for ‘TGV sabotage group’
Old-fashioned restoration plan is inspired
Upsets as capitals are chosen for the 13 new super regions
Fake firms give job seekers real success
Cathedral marks its 1000th anniversary with spectacular show
Mosquito ‘vacuum’ ready for trial
Why I bought a 3D printer to give six-year-old boy a new hand
Dog is recovering after being buried alive – man denies cruelty
Seven out of 10 A&E patients treated within an hour of arriving
My meadow helps keep bees alive
No one knows the future for France’s small rural schools
‘A school brings much-needed life to a village’
‘Anglo-Saxon’ ideas could save French agriculture
The lessons of 2012 will be key to Paris’s Olympic bid victory
Boost your brain and social life with Bridge
Examining the build-up and fall-out of Channel protests
What if we can’t pay for disabled access?
What should you do if your wallet or purse is stolen?
What charities can help British people in hardship in France?
Sign up now for a new hobby or sport
Make sense of Zones naturelles d’intérêt écologique, faunistique et floristique
Znieff ecological interest zones
What do I need to do to take French nationality?
One year for UK banks to end discrimination
What we all learned from home schooling
Our wine labels are also in braille
Shoppers become swappers
Bank says it will not shut UK accounts
Is mairie being fair with taxe de séjour levy on our gîtes?
Campaigners push for return of fuel payment
Public consultation due on NI top-ups
New succession law could be bonanza for taxman
Cathars stood up to the Catholic church and died rather than submit
Cathars saw world as evil and wanted God’s world
200 went to their deaths after refusing to recant
Walk in the footsteps of Cathars and Inquisitors
Find some of the hidden history of the Cathars
I quit sugar for a year. I lost 6kg but also avoided several colds and had more energy
Own-brand products get thumbs-up
You can choose your relatives - and we all did
Websites can help you ‘adopt a relative’
Release money from your home by selling en viager
Unlocking pension pot may be good option if you live here
Politicians and old superhero unite to push French goods
Businesses put their shirts on buying local
Ellen shows how world goes round
Third of people fail to claim cash help for energy work
Millions of Linky smart meters are on their way to homes soon
France finds its oldest human and world’s oldest tree
Visiting time! Hospitals with heritage
From tranquil gardens to medical marvels: hospitals offer a wealth of heritage
Paris museums house fine medical history
1515 is like 1066 as it was a battle that launched a new era
A glimpse into François I’s life
English chat classes are a hit in collège
Pedal power to fund new cancer trials
Memories strong as woman finds where GI father died
Integrating with ‘a bit of friendly competition’
They may be model planes but they are full-size fun
It’s no dream if you see Star Wars fighter flying
Signs of alchemy are all around us... if we know where to look
Famous buildings have alchemy in their stones
A new season... off to a flying start
€18,000 village budget and a population of one
Vendée walk with dinosaurs
New life for the forgotten eaux-de-vie
Fruit variety could revive success
Behind the scenes at harvest
Artisan farm cheese to try
Seeing the fox as a friend, not a foe
The ship that proved the earth is round