156 October 2015

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156 October 2015
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France trials military service for under 25s
Anglo-French duo join transatlantic race for charity
Cancer charity calls for ban on No1 weedkiller
Residents told to get weeding
Farmer wins against Monsanto
Dames pipi ousted for posh staff and gold toilet brushes
Strikes called by doctors, teachers
Happy... for €467 extra
€68 fine if you drop cigarette butt
Queen of TV news ‘let go’ after 24 years
Call to regulate happy hours and call them heures heureuses
SNCF to expand low-cost TGV service
Tripadvisor caught out
Farmer digs up menhirs
1st hydrogen fuel network
France’s first new cathedral in 21st century
Hollande promises tax cut for 8m households in 2016
Work minister fights for jobs
Toxic fish alert as Med heats up
Companies say siestas not such a dopey idea
12.8m speeding tickets and 1.53m for foreigners
French plates top list for UK parking fines
Refugees saved our school and kept our doctor
France ‘full of people who want to help'
With time
immigrants repay their costs in tax
Charity overwhelmed with offers of housing
Ideas on how to help and donate
The real landscape of The Returned
Should France’s 300 wolves be left to thrive?
Is Hollande’s presidency the best chance to defeat unions?
Striking a balance for work
Izzard on Curly Wurlies and jokes in French
Rugby has become too simple – and too violent
How do I register to take part in the UK’s EU referendum?
What are motorists meant to do if they break down on the motorway?
Make sense of French meals on wheels
Social charge refunds being processed
Nothing social about these charges...
Mark your bike with code in bid to deter thieves
Learn the secret of French cooking: Cheat!
Better phone coverage pledge as rural boxes are lost
Express cycleways boost commuters
Painful choice for osteopaths
We have left country but bank refuses to close our account
France can help students with rent
Savings guarantee drops in UK banks
Don’t leave your money to stagnate in the bank
Larzac, back in the headlines 34 years on
Radicals and hippies clashed with authorities
José Bové: a career in eco-activism
Why I love my life as a shepherd
Join in with celebrations of transhumance
Cakes and clogs – rural crafts still thrive
Unified ‘micro’ regime to begin next January
Dangers of unpaid workplace help
Can I hire staff as an auto-entrepreneur?
Moving here has improved our health
What helps your health in France?
Notaires ‘well prepared’ for inheritance change
Secondary home owners get break over 20% surtax
Rental firms ‘pushing up Airbnb rents’
Our straw house is both cosy and cool
Duo battle Atlantic to help children
Wasteland - France only recycles one fifth of its rubbish
France struggles to cut 345m tonne rubbish heap
Families praised for their efforts to halve bin waste
Dordogne bucks trend and hits EU target five years before deadline
Success in the bag at packaging-free shop
The first step to Zero Waste is to say no as you buy
Volunteers sought for Provence cancer group
Parachuting priest boosts fund for organ
Village has no school or shop... so we opened our own community cafe
Holding a community event? Let us know about it
Vital link for British groups
Mystery of the half-wolf, half-dog killer beast
Step inside the Paris centre making dance accessible to all
Events celebrate local history, food and film
Squash: the gourd, the bad and the ugly...
Recipe: Confiture de pastèque (made from citre/gigérine)
A guide to French wine regions
Four artisan cheeses to try
I wasn’t frightened, says Twin Towers wire walker
New 3D film revisits the 45-minute feat