157 November 2015

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157 November 2015
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We refuse to become like NHS, say doctors
British veteran accepts French medal ‘for lost D-Day friends’
Hospital clowns are a world first
Poppy and bleuet for Remembrance Day
€1bn tourism boost in bid to lure 100m visitors
Doctors ‘ready to disobey law’
€11 tomato is dearest in world
Haunted lighthouse will be my home
‘No sickies’bonus cuts days off by 80%
First social charges refunds are paid out
Hydrogen bike produces water not sweat
Call costs to 08 numbers made simpler and cheaper
France to buildan Alzheimer village in Landes
English-speaking help groups bid to expand services
Côte d’Azur tragedy was just waiting to happen
Burials lose ground to cremations
Driverless car’s 580km hands-free
Declaring online will be obligatory
D-Day village up in arms
Paris plans to repeat no-car day
Lost heritage fears as‘royals’ sell off treasures
International in a cow field marks origins of cricket
La Poste will pick up your parcels as they deliver letters
Seed secret of tomatoes that thrive in drought
Peers push for expats’ EU vote
100% refund on tests for women with family history of breast cancer
Bakers convicted for working too hard
Sign up to save our songbirds
Raft of new measures to halt rise in road deaths
Clean up after your dogs... or we’ll vacuum them up
See Paris through the eyes of an architect
Hospital clowns show laughter is great medicine
Classes teach us to take ourselves much less seriously
Without UK, France may find it hard to convince rest of EU to look beyond their borders
Calais driver says trucks caught in middle of violence
No, it’s not all white
Someone must tell France the reality of life in world economy
Why I left France for good... and came back
Ikea’s crafty expansion plans may ruin our towns
Hunters’ behaviour in the firing line
Becoming French: from paperwork to local paper
Are there different grades of the Légion d’Honneur?
Make sense of Union power in France
Hypnosis proved to help in some surgery
Pitfalls of investing in foreign-based AV
Mixed-age classes give children independence
Hosts needed for guide dog puppies
Charity turns old bottle tops into sports wheelchairs
Millions missing out on costly hearing aids
Can we make a will as a couple?
Should I be taxed on price of school fees paid by work?
Canal+: Easy to join, hard to leave
Ex-expats too need financial planning
Are better times ahead?
Interest rates will determine the future
Apartments lose value faster than houses, with big regional variants
Mixed results for new-build projects
Energy rating has real impact on home value
0% loan boost for rural first-time buyers
Notaires leave offices to meet clients for free in corner cafes
We travelled the world on a boat ... then moved to land-locked Andorra
Spinsters’ tradition has died out but hats are still a style essential
Catherinette catwalk hats still la mode
The amazing and varied powers of Brittany seaweed
Micro-algae may be able to replace oily bitumen for roads
Bright idea sparks plastic substitute
New school prepares for weedy future
We’re English with children who behave French-ish...
Timber-framed houses in danger
Sale failed after ‘cash buyer’ did not pay desposit
Converted offices make city homes at €210 a month
Paris mayor sees homes in old offices
Urban farm will grow strawberries
in Paris garages
Big Brother software could save you money
Can I claim some French pension while working?
Do you live in a flood zone?
Town wants to forget mass hallucination
Going wild for the wild west
France’s incredible love affair with the wild, wild West
Ardèche rodeo is fun – and visiting Americans love it
More people line dance here than back in the US!
Bucking the trend: I opened Mexican ranch in the Midi
Superstitious? I couldn’t give a hoot
Animal charity praises expat dog-walkers
Nationality no bar for Lions Club members
Daniel is working hard to get grandfather’s old 2CV back on the road
Classical music is for all, says Paris orchestra’s new British conductor
Savoie faire: get the most out of your Alps ski trip
Wine glasses and glass sculptures for all tastes
Oldest photograph of a human was an accident
French artist captures Obama’s voice in 3D
Are wine headaches all in the mind?
A safe haven for nature to thrive
Bearded vulture once more soars above Massif Central