158 December 2015

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158 December 2015
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Paris terror attacks will only make us stronger
Resilient France
Half of all communes report no burglaries
New law to prepare France for digital era
Women battle tampon tax

€24,000 in fines over dropped cigarettes
Patients leave doctors with a prescription... to go surfing
Digital cars easy targets for thieves
Don’t buy a parrot, says inundated bird refuge
Some taxpayers set to get refunds of local tax
Pedal-powered school bus is a hit with youngsters in Rouen
Tests seek ways to boost social mix in schools
Hope for British owners left paying for useless solar panels
Car park giant launches price challenge to Airbnb
No UK fuel payment for expats this winter
Autoroute speed traps may be privatised
E-sport may get legal status
Bravery award for teen hero
Cold call ban list is delayed
Fares sweep nets €17,000
Cost concern over new police cameras
€10,000 aid is boost for electric
car sales
Last weeks to give to charity and win tax cut
Protesters unite against windfarm
plans in south west
New logo for French fruit and vegetables
France could lose EU top spot as birth rates decline
Population grows despite extra 40,000 deaths
Berlin Games medallist celebrates 92nd birthday
Noisy? Open the window!
Christmas spending up
Jonny Wilkinson is No1 sports star in south-east
Fake shopfronts give villages new life
Cheap food is a threat to our culture
‘They gave me a pair of handcuffs in case it happened again!’
‘Being in the EU has brought lower flight prices’
Final bid for long-term expats’ referendum vote
Why exclude expats from the vote that matters the most?
Why we all feel French after November 13
Le Pen has it all to win... or lose as France picks itself up
‘This is not in my name’

‘Not enough was done after Charlie’
‘Paris terror attacks will only make us stronger’

Driving is the problem, not speeding
Why was store card withdrawn?
People vote with their feet
Sterile debate can save our cats
Look to congeners for your hangover
Mean-minded Brit has no humanity
Hold banks to account and get out quickly
Optimist is pessimistic over change in EU votes
Citizens advice for OAPs
What are the first steps to getting a divorce in France?
Is there a minimum age limit to live in a résidence séniors?
Regional council elections
If the phone rings once ... ignore it
Extra tuition can help pupils and parents cope
Browse before you send a parcel
This ‘boring’ fund does 3x better than your savings
French tips from the memory masters
Car-sharing site helps people who use wheelchairs
New help with social charge refunds
Why should local tax go up because I built a shed?
New offer to top up UK pension launched
2016: No major tax change but financial secrecy ends
Welcome to Chambord - the fairytale chateau built to give a king a home for just 72 days
Protecting the ‘utopian vision’ of one of France’s greatest kings
Past, present and nature unite for a brighter future
Honest and daring, autistic journal hits web
Scourge of the political class turns 100
Ancient law journal ceases print edition
Home truths on renovations gone wrong
Fonctionnaires cannot be sacked, even if they bring a gun to work
French finance ministry is just like Yes, Minister
Green fingers in the nooks and crannies of Paris
Eco tax credit is branded ‘hopeless waste of money’
Home Sweet Home
Garden shock for holiday couple
Bank forced to pay out for bodged solar panels
Hidden dangers that can undermine your home
‘Pants’ attack puts wildlife campaign in spotlight
70 years as
a lifeline for the poorest
Meet the soul of Secours Populaire charity
Spirit of the Résistance has 70 years of helping the needy
Children delighted to see rapper and Eiffel Tower
This seasons’s tie trend is matching socks or shoelaces
Disability is no handicap at sanctuary
France’s hedgehogs could be extinct by 2030 as 60% disappear in 10 years
€100,000 plea to restore crashed Mosquito
Open gardens success to grow next year
Step forward for elephant haven
The bridal train now arriving at platform 1
Skiers in France give cross-country a new meaning as they cross borders
Avalanche dogs are vital but rarely find victims still alive
20 ideas to cheer up darker days
Rural China’s replica Paris is a ghost town
Aiming high for world’s toughest dog race
Jim retired as a champ but lure of his dog team pulls him back
How well do you know your wine?
How to deal with over eager badgers
Water way to race across the city of Paris