159 January 2016

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159 January 2016
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New regions, less tax, more radars... welcome to 2016
Historic four years of ‘our man in Paris’
Healthcare changes due
Hiring gardener or a cleaner will cost less
Anti-HIV pill will be fully reimbursed
Internet use becomes a right
Final champagne farewell for Jumbo
France sells off foreign spots
Farmer gets payout over zapped cows
Social charges to continue on non-residents’ income
We spend millions on satellites but scientists find vultures are good for predicting weather
Learning new language can help boost brain and prevent strokes
Dementia is delayed in bilingual people
New 450kph Bugatti is named Chiron
Record 2.94m jobless
Ski stations face closure as heat rises
Are you ready for your high-definition, lower taxed, simplified 2016?
Home start for the Tour and Euro 2016
Local Government / Reform of Regions
Terror victims’ children to get special support
Dakar Rally is next challenge for man without limbs who swam the Channel
Ex-homeless man is housing others
Second-hand clothes help make great first impression
J’aime... anglophone pop
Front National defeat was predictable... so is next step
But what do the French really think of us?
Financial success in UK also helps France
Frustration at lack of Brexit details
Are shops allowed to ignore free market?
Your firm’s actions are our business
What does the law say on riding an electric unicyle?
Was France’s national flag the first tricolour?
Towing a caravan legally
Help on hand for disabled travellers
Most rentals can be simple and tax-efficient
Official site gives travel alerts and vital help
Top tips for sparkling bubbly buys
Machine that cooks three-star food really isn’t worth the effort
Help save lives with first aid
Beware eco-energy fraudsters
Another way to find the healing your body needs
Some alternative treatments can be partly reimbursed
Customer disservice: is this the answer?
How to complain and get what you want
Free short story machines installed to help pass time
Number of school trips plummets
Anger at surprise ‘garden shed tax’
Making Music, A family love affair with instruments
Anti-Semitism has reduced since terror attacks but there are still pockets of hate
New synagogue feels the pressure to grow
Having coffee is an act of liberty
Strangers come together to enjoy culture
Ride at your pleasure – and risk
Family trio that string for their supper
A heartfelt welcome for surgery patients
New name as club plans new life
Cheeky chaps bare their all
Variety of courses make Paris group a hit for 35 years
We meet... a pedigree dog judge as France primps its champions
Get your dog’s pedigree registered
At 70, alpine ski school looks good for its age
5,000-year-old sport that uses state of the art modern tools
Anyone for a moonlight shoewalk or igloo class?
So much to see and do if you survive first swim of 2016
Normandy island’s stone used in London and Paris
Sommeliers en café know their beans and their new crus
Taking a cork out early does little for wine
Taking care of birds over the winter
The street party that almost never stops
€1 homes aim to revamp poor districts
90 minutes of fishing a week is time enough to land Breton delicacy
Simple to prepare and healthy to eat scallops are a real treat
Exam dates set for 2016
Bank better
EU law to stop firms blocking sales
Fine hike to €2m for late bill payment
How do I work out capital gain on UK property?
Money: What’s new for 2016
One resolution worth making – and keeping
Qwant - the European answer to Google that does not profit from selling your data
How iPlayer changes could affect you
When family ties cannot be broken
Why 2016 is perfect time to buy into French dream
Medieval mill is restored to grind its own flour again
Know your limits to avoid disputes with neighbours
Medieval mills were a turning point in France
Landlords’ €1,000 lure to set lower rents
Election ‘glass ceiling’ still blocking FN