161 March 2016

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161 March 2016
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Who killed the French circumflex?
Béziers airport is not closing, say bosses
Rugby heroes up close
Uber and Airbnb should ‘benefit wider economy’
Cut number of deliveries, La Poste told
No group admits plan to simplify spelling
Watchdog checks up on hearing aid costs
Riviera and Deauville to open on Sundays
Social charge refunds now being made
Maigret is back with Mr Bean as detective
Bakers win appeal over seven-day opening ban
Tower logo helps Paris Olympic bid
€300m roads, jobs boost
UK hospital exports patients to France
Truffles hit record prices
Refunds due on air tickets for teens
Drive to cut €60bn cost of bureaucracy
France opens its first insect hotel
Hiding bad neighbour costs flat seller €9,000
Builder’s bum given the slip
Encouraging results as cancer survival rates show advances
Right to die law ‘changes little’
Mayor opts to step back in time for his uniform
France trails half of EU on green energy
French life expectancy falls for first time in years
Mercy for woman who killed abusive husband
Four in a row for top knitter
Card fees for shops to fall
Political push to woo back wealthy Japanese tourists
Climate change prompts Europe rubber plant trial
Region names still unknown
Race to rescue forgotten First World War graves
Two new three star eateries for Paris
Anti-pee walls plea
Solar roads are French innovation
Hollande reshuffles team ready for 2017
Street View captures Mont Blanc
The quiet hero of January’s Paris attacks also saw horror of Bataclan
Bugatti set to unveil world’s fastest car
A Brexit would hurt France, yet it’s doing little to stop it
The God of Small Things
‘Stretching every sinew’ for an EU deal
Work must always be paid
Is it possible to pay for health screening on a private basis?
How can I obtain a licence to open up a ‘micro bar’?
Make sense of France’s National Parks
Making progress with English lessons
Avoid the classic moving-to-France mistakes
Lifeboats need volunteers on board and on dry land
Rent deal may help 200,000
All change for Free telecom
EDF gives away LED bulbs
Cut down your food waste
Virus alert over mosquitoes
TGV ticket changes to cost €5
Save money on warranties
Generous benefit system €30bn in debt
Micro-entrepreneur earning ceilings could be tripled
Record jobless high triggers ‘emergency’ employment plan
App finds job hunters’ ideal match
Almost always a cross word between us
Drive to get young people into voluntary work
‘I learnt a bit but I would not have wanted a week of it
Winter fuel cheques on trial
Phishing tricks two million
465 speeders caught a day
S-sticker to help older drivers
INSAFE+ detector is unsafe
How France changed our lives in ways we could never imagine
We gave up our support network — and are thriving
Ronnie’s happy to let me run our B&B
Being around each other 24/7 was strange at first — but we work well as a team
On France’s fringe, a former capital finds a future from its past
A 20th century treasure joins with Medieval heritage
People guard town’s traditions
Label must be renewed every 10 yrs
231,000 sign up at tabac for simple banking
Higher interest rates but higher risk in P2P
Compare basic bank fees at new official website
Why do we always have ‘extra’ tax to pay at the year end?
Exchange rate for 2015 income
Rate drops for PEL savings plan
New account may suit small firms
Estate should benefit family not taxman
Cancer survivor launches patient beauty packs
The battle to rebuild a castle from ruin
Trim your electricity bill without feeling chill
Manor and frescos on sale for €8.9m
Ancient craft of working stone alive and bricking
Paris garden plot thickens
For this job you need a safe pair of hands...
History in the making
History repeating: the boom in re-enactment"
Liberty, equality: Reliving old France is not just for the men
Four reasons to become a re-enactor
Where to revisit the past (in the near future)
Table football eyes Olympic status
New game a step ahead of babyfoot
Future looks bright for French icon
The knife that is in every French home
Amitié club where Normandy, Brittany and Mayenne meet
Rotary club gives time, not money to others
Dog group wants to show charity shops can work in France
New councillor helped village fete to recover
Photos show new side of rugby stars
Flash cold spell prompts call to look after elderly neighbours in winter
Why everyone must try fabulous boys’ toy
Determined handiskier is back on slopes three years after accident
High-tech ‘treasure hunt’ keeps all the family happy
20 varied events to get spring started
France honours parents who raise large families
New trends, products, designs, info and ideas across France
Living off a prayer
Time for growers to weigh the costs of pesticide and organic methods
Artisan farm cheeses to try
Why did the toad cross the road?
Handy idioms to have at your fingertips
Trip the flight fantastic in zero gravity