162 April 2016

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162 April 2016
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Legal bid to win Brexit vote for all expats in EU
INTERVIEW: Olympic legend Laura Flessel
Battle lines drawn over reforms to working law
Artist will follow his bottle’s 5,700km trip
Lowlands are new highlands
Despite consultations for a year, no one likes reforms
Firms not State should choose working hours
The reduction of working time has marked workforce history
D’Artagnan trails will gee up horse tourism
Sophie Marceau rejects honour
Public to vote on embattled airport
Tax allowance and higher rate bands rise
Ryanair demands ban on air strikes
007 cars at Top Marques
Easy way to claim flight cash
85,000 will enjoy world’s longest picnic
3D time machine shows Paris as it was
MPs vote to protect bees with spray ban
Government staff get 1.2% pay rise
Forecast says no job recovery until 2018
Woman flees to save wolfdogs
Notaires’ pay cut but fees stay high
Beauvais bus plan rejected
Property tax rise
€400 home help
Open days bring public into dark ancient caves
Five nuggets of cave lore...
Households warned of poison gas cancer risk
Expats who can vote in EU referendum urged to do so
Have you registered to vote?
...but not all Britons in France want to stay in
What would a Brexit mean for business?
Restaurant bans bankers after owner was turned down for a loan
3D glasses help patient in brain op
Bugatti unveils 420kph Chiron
SeaBubble will be a Seine river taxi
Ripped off, isolated and exiled: How France treats the autistic
What help is available for children with learning difficulties?
I doubt even de Gaulle would win this battle
Quality of life matters, too
Winning Paris 2024 is the ultimate adventure
From cradle to grave, France is completely male dominated
Brexit round-up: facts v debate
Is it illegal to destroy a swallows’ nest on the wall of our home?
The success of French chocolate
Grow grapes in your garden ready to eat from the vine
Make sure financial advice is covered by French authorities
Bid for clarity on care home fees
No card needed for distributors
Positive parenting: the new ‘revolution’ here
Online declarations are now obligatory for higher incomes
Family quotient, tax bands, credits: how bills are worked out
Converting currencies correctly
Dogs sniff out dirty money
New ways of working also means new places to work
Fraudsters target new businesses
Brittany group brought species back from dead
Not simply Nice, but smart as well
First with contactless payments, street hire cars and CCTV cameras
‘I wanted this technology to be of service to our heritage’
But does it actually work? The Niçois speak out...
Free books plan is just the ticket for bus journey
Code Civil rewrite will affect all new contracts
Faster payout for customers if a bank fails
Can micro foncier regime apply to UK rent income?
New UK pension rules begin April 6
‘100% compensation’ for Equitable Life?
Beware ‘eviction fees’
Look long-term to protect living standard
Dying company still searching for the blues
Pasta is made from crickets
We’re single in France – and loving it!
New rules on builders’ 10-year guarantee
Timber techniques put weight on wood
Home-owning in a new dimension
Recycling heat in bathwater helps cut bills
Planning changes slash land values
New homes are ready for shipping...
Last beret-maker standing
Explore the great gardens of France
12 great French gardens to visit and enjoy a taste of distant lands
Charity garden scheme blooms across France
Set your GPS for a-mazing places to get lost in for fun
Connexion selection: We locate five of the best mazes in France
A demonic mystery surrounds labyrinths in French cathedrals
Fundraising concert for RAF charity
Paris gathering gives bereaved parents chance to say goodbye
Get Sète, go: Starting a new group from scratch
Church organ gift brings Lot and Yorkshire villages together
April Fool’s gold: being the butt of the joke means you fit right in
Famous hoaxes in France
An order founded on mastery and fellowship
Not a job but a way of life
An order shrouded in myth and mystery
Action-packed April for outdoor events
‘Mayday’ emergency call originated from m’aidez
The last of the French cornichons
Bringing rosé beer to the home of rosé wine
Budburst season gives clues for year ahead
Rock out as historic venue celebrates 40th