163 May 2016

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163 May 2016
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No place for motorists to hide in crime crackdown
In the footsteps of pilgrims
The modern draw of the ancient Camino de Santiago
Court date for vote ban challenge
Panama Papers spark tax ‘rush of generosity’
Wealth tax helpguide out in May
Technology targets drivers and wallets
‘We’ll help you see France,’ say friends
Mark May Day with a lucky muguet
Animal protesters challenge marine park and circuses
Expats hit by NI shake up
Volunteers pick surplus fruit from your trees
French graduate’s new firm says it with spuds
Pyrenees glaciers may vanish by 2050
Pompiers told to bill for call-outs
Parents protest over missing teachers
Fears law change could limit cancer drugs
Photo show captures thrill of sport
‘Wallet-friendly’ camping eyes another record year
Luxury hotel plans for Versailles lodges
Discover the secrets of ancient mills
Prostitutes’ clients face fines of up to €45,000
Chinese keep France No1 for tourism
Supermarket bans battery farm eggs
Businesses attack new CDD jobs tax
Park denies radiation threat from Chernobyl
Millions drawn to new coach market
Finding the right coach service
Shepherds to protect Dordogne farmland
Cut-price travel on cards for young fliers
Search all transport methods in one site
Court helps rail crash victims’ SNCF case
Competition winners sleep with sharks in centre of Paris
Student protesters start €150k fire at school
Writer royalties for terror victims
Basilica restoration may help rebuild the reputation of Saint-Denis in Paris
Royal abbey is a forgotten gem
Top school is only for daughters of the Légion d’Honneur
Where high church meets high fashion
Bishop accounts for variety
Why third position is a good place for these two
Connexion meets... Bruno Le Maire
‘Hollande sees UK’s particular place in EU’
Lawyers dismiss key ‘leave’ argument
France will not change without hope and flexibility
One nation and its gods
(Im)perfectly bilingual but perfectly intelligible
Fête des Mères? It’s a double date (five times over)!
Not recognisable economics
Terrifying for our incomes
Health insurance would force a return
Food is boring and repetitive
A cold war of words on WFP
Help combat bullying
Circus animal ban is a must
1932 family got no medal
Cured... all in a day’s work
Sim deal has French bonus
Autism care is still a stain on France
Vanishing names and resources
Treatment of children is a scandal
Flower power too pricey
Reader eyes a bargain
Strength in numbers to get pensions on time
What are the benefits of the SNCF’s Sénior+ card?
How can I sell my car? Does anyone really trust a cheque?
Make sense of A visit to the ‘psy’
Bilingual classes give children an advantage
Sell your UK home before you move or face tax hassle
Rugby balls are given a new life
Your car insurance questions answered
How did French animation take over the world?
Our generous funding system gives fresh talent a chance
Les Gobelins: A name with history
Septennial parade celebrates escape from madness
Property market gets digital makeover
Rising sale volumes and rising prices are encouraging for market
British lead way across France in bargain hunt
Agents attacked for breaking the law on property rentals
€50,000 saving on a new 20-year loan
Paris still expensive but trails London
Med loses out for the ideal holiday home
Cable cars come down from the mountains to ease urban traffic
Spectacular rides with stunning views
Summer is the time of cherries, but where do you find the best?
Which inventions will change our lives?
Reflective mittens for staying safe on roads won last year
Other French inventions
Who was Louis Lépine?
Film for doctor who blew open fatal slimming pill scandal
‘I was appalled and horrified that people weren’t told why the drug had been banned’
Check out the benefits of online banking
Online offers add up to a direct saving over high street accounts
Declaring income in France: your questions answered
France taxes less when compared to UK
Fabulous baker boys giving the US a taste of France
French firm wins electric scooter deal
Revealed: Six secrets to making a new life in France a happy one
Architects: Stop making France ugly
Find the reliable brands and avoid lemons
Learn DIY repairs and save a packet
Microwaves all get good marks
Save money on appliances
Don’t move house, get a room
A property bargain could lead to tax bill
We’re all winners with Friday 13 jackpot
Retro on the go - Classic cars and caravans, the modern trend for nostalgic camping
A pilgrimage’s progress: the Camino de Saint Jacques
‘You pass through towns as a kind of zombie... you’re invisible, dirty - it’s an unusual experience’
Practical tips for walkers
Work and war caught on film
Sing for Queen’s birthday
American football’s surge in France
Retracing father’s risky escape route
Geared up for 600km challenge
Our pick of gardens to visit in May
It wouldn’t be a trip without our classic caravan
Suction innovative way to kill mosquitoes
Flock to these events as summer nears

The Stan Smith tennis shoe had a French name
Le Creuset marks 90 years as top of the pots
What is the real risk from pesticides?
Artisan farm cheeses to try
Just a pipe nightmare
Monaco Historique relives days when men, not cars, won races