164 June 2016

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164 June 2016
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EU referendum
High stakes vote for British expats
A boss who loves the 35hr week
First ever row around France
More strike dates as unions vow to stop work reforms
iPlayer changes will block foreign access
The Connexion voted top expat newspaper
Recycled car parts to be offered for repairs
Summer sales start on June 22 (mostly)
Tremors hit centre and east
Sniffer dogs start clinical trial to help breast cancer patients
Banks should pay borrowers with variable rate loans
Found: the French Hyperloop of 1974
Oil users can cut costs in bulk buy
Cancer death rates are falling
47% second hand car dealers commit fraud
75,000 watch La Rochelle daredevils
Bordeaux opens its €83m ‘Guggenheim of wine’
No room at the vin for grape-pickers in champagne row
Dictionary has a taste for new words
Bonus pay plan for doctors
Help spot sharks off Breton coast
Paris parks to open non-stop in summer
Phone app helps you find a doctor
Hotels in France should be cheaper this summer
Museum renamed to honour Chirac
Medics ‘refurbish’ lungs
New service aims to stop cold calls
Brexit: What rights could be in jeopardy?
You can still register to vote
Fighting for our rights as EU citizens
In or Out: State your case
Cancer charity warns over healthcare rights
I’m taking no risks, I’m becoming French
Woman takes stand on toilet problems
Seine to be open for bathers by 2017
Five in six drivers fail new theory test
‘Bore out’ case heard by work tribunal
Government denies property tax rumour
Thirty departments on mosquito alert
Paris mairie in spy row over Airbnb rules
SNCF brings in new cancellation fees
Motorway limit cut to reduce pollution
Four food labels to show healthiness
Pupils will train with Wayne Rooney
€300 for pregnant smokers to quit
800km wheelchair trip for ALS cause
Senate scraps palm oil and pesticide bans
Did I buy Renoir for €700?
Planes clip each other at airport
Eurovision singer ‘holds head high’
Euro-star Depp makes most of train delay
Diabetic app wins inventors’ competition
Three generations share same birthday
Two wheels good – four wheels bad
Unions ignore what the PS knows: reform is essential
42: The answer to innovation
Brief history of Les Bleus is real coq and ball story
Parenting means setting down rules
France is 40 years behind on autism
Democracy, reform, referendum
Many ways to order a coffee
Best weather forecaster?
Our money is spent on life
Sympathy for aircrew over headscarves
Vendée food has changed
Educate motorists before punishing
Fluency, never franglais
Drivers are far too selfish
How to ruin a railway line and kill a village
Roundabout the houses
Inspire, not a spire
Chantenay carrots: a UK favourite ‘made in France’
Make sense of Naturist holidays
Will collèges be ready for rentrée reforms?
Government’s ‘anti-social’ response to charges payout ruling
How to order your coffee like a native
Team up with friends and rent a dream chateau for just €250/week
Taxing business, being an American abroad
Mont archangel restored and it is all in a day’s work
Back-breaking work but Ile de Ré workers harvest the fresh tang of the sea
No ordinary potatoes... these are a spring veg
Young people given cash towards driving test if they volunteer
Group purchase can cut energy bill by 10%
Home swaps can cut holiday costs but do a contract
Can I have refund for UK tax paid on share dividends?
Should I save in a super livret account?
Wealth tax: Valuing your home can be key
How does France tax your UK income?
Sailing into the future of freight transport
French popcorn is on the rise
My staff work less and my firm does better
Scrap the 35-hour week – let’s make it 32 hours instead
Site sells the lot – from poop scoops to property complex
Historic forge village for sale but buyer will face €20m bill
Rural communes join battle to bring back families
Communes reject smart meters due to health fears
A Tour de France with pigeons...
France still has its own warbirds
Trade Link to tourist draw
350 years of the Canal du Midi
A 350 year legacy of trade, vision, labour and leisure
Fighting to save iconic plane trees
Art is the key to lock-keeper’s work
You can still catch the last poste
An 19th century survivor puts the crew back into holiday cruise
Mixture of memories as honorary consul retires
London 2012 poet talks at bilingual lit festival
British party weekend is fit for a Queen
63 gardens are open To visit during June
Our pick of gardens to visit in June
The advantage in France is space – we could never have done this in UK
Meet the Michelin chef who harnessed nature’s wild larder
How to pick the best from the wild side
Play it safe with nettle tea and dandelion salad
Elton John to headline Albi music festival
Events galore in the great outdoors
French navy ship flies pirate Jolly Roger flag
Making butter better with some surprises
Redstarts are easy to spot in summer
Fierce rivalry in marketing wine
Hedges have important role to play
Three artisan cheeses to try
Rebuilding the faces of history