165 July 2016

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165 July 2016
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UK immigration policy is key for Britons in EU
REFERENDUM SPECIAL Comment, analysis /why experts advise cartes de séjour
Brexit After vote shock, the wait begins
The future depends on the UK’s new immigration policy
We had one foot in France but vote has left us stuck in limbo
What are the rights to be negotiated in Brexit talks?
Timetable of leaving
Taking French nationality is my way of telling UK: If you want out, I do too
For extra security get a residency card: here is how
Result fallout in EU
‘I hope Britons stay – they add something’
Post problems, again, but still no online vote plans
Backdated power bills mean extra €30 charge
€300m row over energy firm’s name
World’s longest picnic rug is set for riverside party
Group purchase price plan
Couple evicted in Airbnb rent fight
New push for organ donors
Students win gold in Maths Olympiads
Vegetarian society launches label
Smiley faces depict hygiene scores
Bergerac gets direct link to the Riviera
Bison Futé was set up after 600km jam
5m rural residents to get mobile boost
Vandals daub French ‘Globe’ theatre
Woodland Trust hunts memorial Verdun oaks
Terror, bad weather and strikes damage tourism
SOS doctor line marks 50 years of home visits
800,000 ‘polluting’ vehicles face ban from Paris streets
Electric scooters help clean city air
Firm hires the least employable recruits – and is expanding
Call for higher tax on alcohol to cut deaths
Noise pollution costs economy €57bn
Illegal workers found in Urssaf building
Brittany wins best village award - again
Animal shot in Dordogne was a wolf
Neanderthals built cave circle 175,000 years ago
Music petition backs French radio quotas
World first as vets heal elephant’s broken leg
Lice, piles, fear...the life of biker picked to carry pigeons to front
Wings and wheels were vital for Somme troops
Trains are historic link to Great War trenches
A question of non-precision
France’s hard left and right agree: an EU ballot is due
The Guillotine... quicker and with less pain than lethal injection or electric chair
Fête nationale was not always July 14
Expats need voice at UK-EU talks
€30,000 a month salary
Autistic young could be credit to France
Go-slows must be challenged
Strike support astonishing
England fans
Theft advice
Work values
NHS can keep up with French care
Better weather watcher
Battle across the world
Bloctel block
From kin-ship
To find the right words
Not such a potty idea
No need for such speed
What are the registration formalities to keep a horse?
Can ANAH help to pay to treat termites in the home?
Make sense of Long-distance coaches
Should children study in the break?
Consumer law rewrite – but no changes
Spoilt for choice deciding the future of your pension pot
Pull up this plant linked to severe pollen allergies
Trapping is not solution to Asian hornet threat
Fish products not what they seem, studies show
Mystery holidays are latest travel trend for the French
Melanoma cancer shock for Brittany
Mice study may lead to longer human life
We ditched the pounds when we left the UK
Be aware of your body and the weight will fall
Willing to pay price to look and feel good
Not using your car? Then rent it out to others for cash online
Insurers forced to pay for thefts without damage
Pacs and divorce to move from courts
La Poste will not think outside the box
Is French rock’s bad boy double trouble?
Weaving their way into a museum of tapestry skills
Ancient art inspired move from pharmacy job
Project will preserve and teach locals’ traditional skills
Factory’s colourful present
Sunday keep-fit sessions are a hit
Is paying for separate travel insurance really necessary?
Confused over social charges?
Does former main home remain free of capital gains tax?
Obtain help with train delay claims
UK or French tax: you don’t get to choose
Can this invention clean the Garonne at Toulouse?
Protective pants idea fights radio waves
Maurice – the name you may want to invite to your party
Animals roam almost free at zoo safari park
Buy-to-let market wakes up as prices and rates stay low
Online map helps you see if solar panels work for you
Little room for price negotiation
Seller faces bill after faulty termite check
Virtual facelift may help sale
Hard work behind the Tour’s publicity parade
Party time as Brittany greets the Tall Ships
Half a million people will see giants of the sea
Brittany greets old-time giants of the sea – and remembers its maritime roots
Mark your calendar for tall ship festivals
Sail a tall ship... join the Belem
France’s favourite ships
I left corporate life to run a dog grooming parlour
Our pick of gardens to visit in July
My French neighbours think I’m mad and call gardening ‘outside housework’
Help for whales and dolphins
Zulu dance comes to rural France
Free time group seeks expats
Rematch time for French vs foreigners cricket clash
Big step forward for elephant sanctuary
6,055 pipes and seven months to tune: Paris hall boasts new organ
Delighted children meet English team
‘20th century’s greatest painter’ found vocation in France and Monaco
The Connexion meets... MIKA ‘I’m an immigrant and proud of that’
Plenty to visit on long summer days...
This is the pen the Tour de France riders all use
The 21st-century craft brewers giving new life to old tradition
What France expects from its British pubs
Hoopoe: Beautiful, comical and useful
Medals do not promise quality
Put these artisanal cheeses to taste test
Pine marten – pest or protected?
France enters game of drones