166 August 2016

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166 August 2016
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Brexit: One month on, what’s new?
Le Pays Basque - a different country, almost
Rugby hot-shots try golf pot-shots
Hollande wins praise for cuts but not barber
Labour law passed after months of protest
Hens eat Asian hornets
Jails have 1,648 sleeping on floor
MoD eases D-Day delay on Légion d’Honneur
End in sight for 15-year voting rule?
Chateau life in plastic pieces
More teachers, police and aid for the young
State of emergency extended 6 months
‘Too easy’ claim rebuffed after record bac results
Help to beat a fear of heights
De Gaulle’s flag returns to France
Charity rejects €60m from EU in migrant policy row
Patients give up if cannot find a night chemist
Smacking ban backed
Savings rates held at 0.75%
62-year-old is running round world
Get cash without card
Men want more women bosses...to end guilt over finishing earlier
French work less – but are more efficient
New rules for international schools
Postman’s dog banned from round
Late deal saves textile museum
Insulation work will be compulsory
Hope for patients in Lyme disease ordeal
TGV halves journey
1 in 3 abattoirs failing
Fight is on to keep British pensions uprated in France
‘Frozen pension could mean loss of at least £50,000’
Businesses spot potential in France despite uncertainty after the vote
Slew of legal challenges over EU exit
Make it easier for Brits to become French, says adviser
Councillor to take French citizenship to stay in role
Protecting expats’ rights is top priority – ambassador
Row as ugly kiosks set to replace Paris icons
4G updates should boost rural call quality
TGV aimed at the young
Super-regions select names — now the wait begins
Bags out, gas up, cars banned
Giant spider set to ‘terrorise’ Nantes again
2017 may be lost but matador Valls set to enter ring in 2022
‘Tomatologue’spends 25 years reviving tasty old varieties
Young storm chaser beats Météo-France
Mickey and Sherlock owe a lot to 1066
Longboats and Norman raiders ready for battle
Fundamental roots of terror will prove very hard to tackle
‘The aim of these attacks is to cause civil war in France’
Beware the words of ‘moderates’
‘we saw horror from our balcony on the promenade’
‘People screamed for help but no one came’
A leaver’s vision for Europe
Future doesn’t worry me as we have seen it all before
A big ‘thank you’ for result
France will not gain jobs
Elites did not realise scale of UK concern
What about other countries?
37% is no mandate to leave
Where will £350m go?
Missing votes
Did neutrality silence media?
Self interest
Age weight
So selfish
Closing doors
Good service
What price?
Security fear
Make-up is dearer so we spend more
New regions save nothing
Planting trees for fallen
Good weather
UK-France union idea was not Churchill’s
‘President’ Trump is not the American Brexit
Are British people in France allowed to play the lottery?
How can I call emergency services in UK from France?
How do I re-register an English motorbike in France?
How can I find a good quality cattery for my pet?
How can I find out how old my French computer is?
What notice to give to cancel top-up health insurance?
Make sense of French walking routes
Summer is ideal time to stop and smell the rosés
Key questions when letting your property for summer
Coping with the formalities after a death
Permanent residence cards are a right
As leaders dither, we answer your questions
All is well a year on from EU inheritance changes
Welcome to a different France
The Basque wall game
Historic heartland is spread over the Pyrenees
Yummy chocolate... or txokolate
La Force Basque be with you
Winter is coming ...
We enjoy our culture but are not rooted in past
Spice up your life with pepper
Talk Euskara in Euskal Herria
Mixed reactions to the Brexit vote
One-stop property shop from notaires
Too many ‘what ifs’ to make a decision just now
Both sellers and buyers find a new equilibrium in the market
Notaires warned they have duty of care to clients
Ups and downs, but new build recovers
Profession will see 20% growth by 2018
Coastal property prices plunging
Healthier living is a fact of life at seaside
Living by water gives a great lifestyle
The naked appeal of a naturist holiday
There’s no need to be a daredevil to enjoy the mountains
Keep-fit classes are ‘a good reason to get up on Sundays’
Tax cuts promised, but days later a new regional tax is revealed
Do Erasmus students who rent short-term pay taxe d’habitation?
New €50 note will be harder to counterfeit
Labels to help identify ‘ethical’ investments
Back to school help
A quick reference guide for peace of mind
40 years since France’s great drain robbery
Other ‘crimes of the century’ also involved theft of millions
Self-employed gain pension boost and sick pay bonus
Rail stations offer temporary offices to cut commuting
What you need to open your own chambre d’hôtes
Multi-million TV deal may not buy French rugby out of trouble
Cracking finalshows Top 14 at its very best
Interest-free loans give big boost for first-time buyers
Rent caps extended to Parisian suburbs
Mediator obligatory in neighbour rows
Rustling trees give power for offices, chargers and streets
New chalet is built in just five days
Radio Caroline comes live from the Pyrénées
A leader, a healer, a lifetime friend: could you keep a donkey?
One way to make a difference with autistic children
Stevenson blazed a new trail
In pursuit of happiness
Finnish pétanque is taking France by störm
Our pick of gardens to visit this month
If you have patience and put in a bit of effort, it can be done for little cost
Festivals bring big names to rural France
Creuse rescue dogs home needs 400k euros to rebuild
Get active for CSF
No escaping the latest craze in ‘escape rooms’
Mixing social needs with sociability
Lisa Simone: I love France, just like my mother Nina
Classic beach buggy inspires electric war
Summer days out are full of colour
Alcohol was allowed in schools until the 1980s
Revival for forgotten fruit
Hear blackbirds singing in gardens and woods this summer
Why so few screwcaps in France?
Foxes are intelligent and adaptable
Three artisan cheeses to try
‘Super-tide’ reveals wrecks of Dunkirk