168 October 2016

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168 October 2016
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Doctor will ‘see’ you now... via video link
Internet gives village its ‘own’ GP
Shoppers set price of milk sold in stores
43,000 Britons are fined in UK for speeding in France
‘Dummy’ radars installed to cut accidents
I feared I might not walk again – but now I’ve just cycled across France!
Property market is in ‘healthy’ upturn
Legion will send poppies by post
€90m budget rise helps culture jobs
Villagers’ video doctor may solve GP shortage
Bordeaux hospital named No1
Moped mania beats business blues
Motorway tolls set to rise
Short story machine translates into success
1922 love letter discovered
Rapid justice for littering
Calls for ‘fat tax’ are rejected
Dahlia field of 3,000m2 still in bloom
‘Middle-class’ tax bills will be cut by 20% in election year
Help save Van Gogh’s grave
Bird-lovers fear Paris sparrows vanishing
Mont Blanc litter clear-up uncovers 1960s passport
Fewer migrants expelled
‘UK should compensate expats for lost rights’
Cartes de séjour issues continue
Legal challenges come to court over article 50
How may non-residents be affected by Brexit?
Historic WWII militaria sells for €3.7m
School dates for your holiday diary
Bin-radar taken off street after visit from police
Passengers flock to try Lyon’s driverless buses
‘It’s cute and safe – but not for anyone in a hurry’
Cabin crews give Metro safety drill
Cousteau changed world’s view of oceans
Petula Clark: This is my life and my song
Bid adieu to plastic picnics
The politician France’s left needs — but does not want
Is there really ‘no place like home?’
Why every doctor needs to prescribe health and fitness
What support is available for MS sufferers in France?
I stutter when I speak French
Rules for scattering ashes
Do I have redress over exorbitant garage bill?
Make sense of Physiotherapists (kiné) and osteopaths
Aid to help older people keep autonomy
News of death of euros fund has been exaggerated
School lunch menu ‘could grace posh restaurant in the US’
Use English skills to give you a job, a life and friends
Accurate translation is not just interpretation
We enjoy hearing our guests make progress
I studied French while teaching English to my host family in Brittany
Free lessons helped find more friends
Dump rubbish here and you get it back
Messy world of déchetteries
Winners and losers as new regions set carte grise costs
Cyclists and crash insurance cover
Trio of tall ship stories from old men of the sea
France has many reasons to be cheerful: so don’t worry, be happy
It’s no good focusing on rain: it won’t bring the sun back
Group matches up elderly home owners and young lodgers
Housing aid will be cut if rent is ‘excessive’
Deadline looming for social charge refunds
How can I make changes to an SCI property company?
Check your pension options in France and UK
Shameful story of France’s own ‘untouchables’
Five signs of Cagot life
Traditional British sweets find ready market in France
I’m not French but want to start a business here – is any help available to get set up ?
Anglican church is for sale at auction
High ceilings = high fuel bills
Boiler safety checks save lives and cash
New energy diagnostic obligatory for rentals
Virtual reality is long-distance sales aid
Third of departments raise taxe foncière rate
Cathedral restorer immortalised in stone
Meet the man who is bringing the final frontier down to earth
Ariane and de Gaulle put France into orbit
Walking on the moon, right here
We changed jobs to be sheep farmers – and love it
A bird with a broad vocabulary
Two beautiful gardens to visit in October
Find out more about Open Gardens at top gardening fair in Chantilly
All the world’s on stage for Paris players
Gers historian could make crowd-funding history
Expat cyclists plan €10,000 ride for Unicef
A Riviera run to help fight cancer
The pink people out to brighten patients’ days
Elephant sanctuary is coming together
Small and rare varieties try to take a bite out of the big apples
Imagine, one day on a Paris street picking a strawberry to eat...
Motors, cèpes, jazz and Marilyn
France-UK compromise created 75cl wine bottle
Cheese, please - what’s in season?
Recipe: Ossau-Iraty velouté
Piles of paperwork to make wine
Roadside verges are important
Artisan cheeses
Statue of Liberty has a dozen replicas in France