169 November 2016

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169 November 2016
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Good news for French healthcare
The champion horse rider
Expats will be given vote for life, says UK government (again)
Headway made on ending health debt
Support petition on winter fuel payment
Paris job for former Cameron advisor
Headway made on ending health debt
Changes for dependents
New regions are finally all settled
Thomas ready for blast-off
Electric cars are charging ahead
Paris 2024 all but built and paid for
SNCF faces region battles
Language test is harder than you might expect
MPs lobbied to ease Britons’ bids for French citizenship
Pensioners consider return to UK due to sterling drop
Charity expecting more and more calls for help
Two major banks predict pound-euro parity in 2017
EU ‘must be firm’ with the UK says Hollande
EU27 will not want to give Britain a ‘good deal’
World tour for boat run on sun and wind
Low-cost mutuelle in Loiret
Flood hero given papers for rescuing four people
33 more jails on way
Burgers are booming
Mayor on world’s best list for aid to migrants
Supermarkets test out new food labels
Battle against passport smile ban ends in tears
Armed, plain-clothed police on trains
Custody battle with zoo over puma
Plan to make schooling compulsory from 3-18
Free lightbulbs for half of households
Artisan jewellers create new range that grows on you
France’s ‘third man’ hopes for Plan B
Remembering my friend,Yves Montand
Stone Age horses are alive and kicking (and biting) in France
Closing Calais camp will not help children
Juppé needs to show how he will carry out promises
Atlantic gulf over infidelity
In French, I’m a different 'me’
Governments taken for a ride and the taxpayer pays the tolls
How can I tell a ragoût from a civet or daube?
Do dogs’ names have to start with a set letter each year?
Make sense of Burial and cremation
Work placements can be useful but plan ahead
Mayors give cyclists a welcome push with grants to buy bikes
How to avoid nasty surprises in a post-Brexit exit to UK
Invited for supper? Don’t take chrysanths
Improve and practise your French with this bilingual short story about Halloween
Talking online just isn’t the same as giving your grandchildren a hug
Free first aid taster sessions to help thousands save lives
Gloves soon obligatory for all motorcyclists – and passengers
40% of cancers preventable
Your home insurance queries answered
Estate agents are not compulsory but can speed up purchase and ease visits and offers
Farmhouse sale between friends worked out well but took a year
Increased fluidity and rising sales make property attractive
Legal problems can hit plans for tourist rentals
Future is encouraging but election is a doubt
No big change in market since Brexit vote
No structural survey but buyers given full set of other details
Notaires set up a one-stop shop for buyers and sellers
Emblematic Alsace stork grows from just 10 birds to 750 pairs
Meet the Aéropostale pioneers who lived and died carrying France’s first airmails
Chip of paint is vital clue to Latécoère planes
Carrier pigeons were link to safety
Friendship and duty at the heart of pilots’ lives
From trailblazer to beloved author
France celebrates 70 years of world class heritage
Phone boxes turn over a new leaf as libraries
Understand the new EU rules on cross-border bank accounts
Must I register chambres d’hôtes as a business?
Tax advantages for gîtes are downgraded
Higher penalties if you own up to foreign bank accounts
Undeclared tax liabilities could cost you dear
Tradition reborn as pottery given bright new modern look
Washing machine will last 50 years
New label shows Seb electrical goods can be repaired for 10 years
Holiday camp sales present some sizeable opportunities
Strasbourg uses carrot and stick to boost housing stock
Meet the village with planes in its garages
Tighter margins as markets rise
Paris may buy maids’ rooms to create flats Paris has had its own ‘US election’ for 92 years
We meet racers preparing for lone challenge of the Vendée Globe
Vendée Globe: racing non-stop, alone, in a boat for 28,000 miles
Life of a music agent moves to a different beat * Open Gardens raises €12,000 for children
recovering from cancer
Volunteers hard at work so you can wear your poppy with pride
France honours its war heroes with cornflower blue
I am looking for sister who I’ve never met
Bleuet appeal from Australia
French commune’s new logo has a British touch
Your pet can give blood – even if you cannot
From coffee mornings to a local website
New president plans national cancer support network
Blind and determined dressage star battles to keep riding safe
Sign language used to help hearing babies communicate
Celebrate autumn, hot air ... and Christmas
Fleet-footed ambassador was trusted adviser to five American presidents
The medical and aristocratic past of Vichy Pastilles
Look – and listen – out for noisy nuthatch
Too many grapes spoil the crop
How you can help wildlife charity
Bayeux Tapestry finished... 900 odd years late