171 January 2017

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171 January 2017
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2017: Key changes that will affect you
French classic reborn
‘Accidental Americans’ hit by US tax in France
Voluntary military service scheme sees 70% land jobs
State of emergency is extended again
New rules coming in on child solo travel
Bumper year for swimming pool sales
Daredevils fly solo with acrobatic jets
Pedestrian crossing radars tested
23 new air routes to launch across France
Dakar rally is latest goal for amputee adventurer
EU citizenship for Britons?
What experts think
Air passengers spied-on in flight
Novel urban strawberry farm gives first fruit
Copyright warning oninternet photo sharing
Creepy-crawlie cheese in AOP bid
Alps indoor piste gives 365 days’ ski
TGV speedy online and on track
Truffle price doubles... and more
GPs get ready, set, go to prescribe sport
Changes to income tax give (nearly) everyone a break in election year
The new Connexion
website coming soon to any screen near you
New employees are given holiday boost
After 10-year pit-stop, the French Grand Prix returns to F1 calendar
Baker’s folded biker baguette is a success
‘Happiness GDP’is rising faster than the economic one
3D movie revives ‘colourful’ daily life in medieval Paris
GPs and jolly good sports
Terrorism and Europe: weak links in Fillon’s bid for Elysée
The enduring myth of France, despite dark times
Solidarity is everyday choice in colourful, chaotic Nice
Are there official checks and standards for beehives?
Make sense of Bâtiments de France
Parents’ groups demand action on missing teachers
Foreigners are not exempt from Paris car pollution fines
Life has a habit of getting in the way while making plans
Ski repairer turns tables on the throwaway society
Water company must warn clients on possible leaks
‘Labels’ may be helpful
Turn empty space into regular cash
Young, female and leading a €250m project – yes, business life is changing
Women still ignored despite law to smash France’s glass ceiling
MPs back move for non-religious funerals
Scattering ashes is easy
Sniffer dogs help RER
Weddings leave mairie
Car test for drink-drivers
Painless path to finding favourite remedies
Minister listens to pleas for better hearing aid refunds
Green-fingered growers who weed it and reap
Working factories are set to become country’s next big tourist attractions
New-borns receive a bib from mayor
Pension top-up costs rise five-fold
Can I reverse a Qrops pension if I return to the UK?
Changes due in 2017 for money and tax
Opportunity knocks for pensions – for now
Re-writing prehistory in style
Seafood: go on, taste the tang
Why a chateau is just a home, even for a presidential hopeful
Green energy can be a saving for the planet and the pocket
Grants help with improving access for older people
Linky boss admits errors were made
Beware small ads scam
Speedy sales spice up house market
Law could cut cost of mortgage cover
Make a call and chat to a random French person
Ordinary people putting their lives on hold to help migrants in France
Irish artist enhances twin town ties with music and murals
Roam with a view and salute the sun
Neil will be in the saddle for 24 hours
Restos du Coeur is more than food
Helping with rescue animals can transform their lives
Volunteers step up for refugees
It’s nice to be nice... say Britons in Nice
Meet the blue tit, the great garden acrobat
France stakes a powerful claim to Britain’s legendary warrior-king
Mythical Avalon lies in Burgundy, argues Arthurian expert
Truffles, trotters and automobiles...
Mercedes brand was born on the Côte d’Azur
Best mussels in pole position
Why oak barrels make the best wine
The lynx effect ...
Epic odyssey for man and his best friend