172 February 2017

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172 February 2017
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France seeks new patients from the NHS
Hospitals and firms seek to cash in on medical tourism
3,000 extra La Post staff... but not for deliveries
Wolves found hunting near Millau and Paris
Cashpoints vanish as card use rises
Hamlet republished using Google Translate
France commited to protecting its nature
Your new easyJet route suggestions
Big-hearted photocopy boss loses millions to sell up to his staff
Le Parisien votes against polls
Cédric Herrou who helps migrants called ‘disgrace’ ... and ‘Man of the Year’
Valley farmer faces jail for helping illegal immigrants
1935 Aston is star of classic Bonhams Paris car sale
Drink-driver guilty on evidence of witness alone
Crowdfunding for funerals
Restaurant with Down’s syndrome staff is a hit
Video cameras to be installed in abattoirs from 2018
Sunday opening at Galleries Layfayette
Sharing and buying second-hand is saving up to €613 a year
Pollution war brings Crit'Air stickers and cycle lanes
Paris boat travel savings with a Navigo pass
Mystery of Brittany earthquakes
French tech firms reveal the future ...and the past at this year's CES show
Le Petit Robert words of 2017 - from geeker to twittosphère
Investigation under way into ‘children of the Creuse-les enfants de la Creuse’
Protestor who stole BNP bank’s chairs in Paris to be sentenced
Controlling borders and UK’s trade plans don’t mix after Brexit
Specialist allergy course will streamline research
Hard Brexit: What’s next for Britons in France?
MPs told UK can guarantee health and pensions now
Robert Marchand sets cycling world record at age of 105
Footballer Antoine Griezmann ends stellar 2016 with Player of Year accolade
The world's first ‘solar road’ is a tourist attraction
Brexit ‘honoured’ with street name in the Gard
Has the Front National changed and can Marine Le Pen win?
Divers cannot reach bottom of mystery Mescla cave near Nice
Aloof France will long for Donald Trump’s embrace
Vegetarianism slowly emerging from the shadows
Is he a migrant, expat or even a colonist?
What is Democracy? after Brexit fallout
Is low-cost book postage rate only for businesses?
Can a non French resident have curatelle (power of attorney)?
Make sense of Learning to drive in France
Room for improvement in school tests after poor results
The view inside from the school classroom with Anne-Cécile Zillhardt
Find a good and reliable tradesman
Trade your unused gift vouchers online
Brexit and social charges, pensions, healthcare and tax
In the mood for love? Valentine’s Day tips
Improve and practise your French with this bilingual story about Valentine’s Day
If life offers a second bite at the cherry... grab it and relish it
Crèche course for lonely oldies at retirement home in Brittany
Your assurance vie queries answered
Classic art given a modern feminist twist by Philippe Lucchese
From the hurly burly of hard business to the laughs of bouncy castles with real life stories
Towns prepare for simpler life with no petrol or pollution
Horse-drawn wagons take children to school
The last census reveals that France had 64,027,784 inhabitants
Use your round pounds or you could lose out
EDF customers to pay an extra €30 on their bills
Do property sellers have to pay local property taxes in year of sale?
'Surprising' success in challenging social charges
French income tax reduction
Shares tax has risen
Careful estate planning makes all difference
Mastering a craft is a skill to be savoured
The right to disconnect outside working hours
'El Khomri' law on working rights
Maison Fabre – master glove-makers
Sellers offer buyers a chance to test houses before they buy
Avoid warmth leaking out and cold seeping in
Too few are buying own properties
Burglars are not impressed by security systems
Brittany treasure islands are little gems for property owners
New property sales records as market rebounds after collapsing
Property industry is full of confidence in the upturn in the market
We are catching up after the bad years but mortgage rates could be the decider
Twingo wins place in Australia’s national museum after adventures Down Under
Escape for a rejuvenating break to soothe your soul at a French retreat
I have to work, if I want to eat each day says documentary maker Laetitia Carton
Normandy farmers do not use machines or chemicals – and produce more crops
Gifted artist Bella, 5, paints her way to new trained dog
Be prepared... to have fun with a scout group
SAS man seeks to honour forgotten D-Day heroes
Community spirit gives Lauzun theatre new life
Help for the bereaved is just one phone call away
Lifi lightbulbs which also provide internet access
Alpine Savoie valley hiding secret French slopes
French instructors helping to put winter sports on the map in China
16 great ways to spend your free time in France this month
Intense magenta colour honours French victory in battle
Sparkling wine enjoyed by Queen Victoria and Jules Verne sparkles again
Trilling greenfinch thrills with aerial display
How to build a fine wine cellar
It’s that time of year again for frogs with the start of the amphibian breeding season