175 May 2017

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175 May 2017
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Boost for French job-seekers
Tourists returning to France as tighter security boosts industry
Offshore wind farm to power 850,000
Drought fears after poor winter rains
Wood you believe it? A 2CV made of wood!
Pithiviers pastry chefs have their cake and label it
Patients surprised as hospital uses English
No promises on frozen British pensions
UK reaches out to expats
French airports boss sounds alarm over potential damage to air sector
How to make a French insurance claim
Do I need to sign a car accident report form?
House prices up and down as three French property markets emerge
Savoie faire – aim high for a ski home
Is it a bird? A plane? Ask France’s UFO expert
Malinois is new top dog in France
Gironde begins tests on universal revenue
Veterans given citizenship
French mortgage rates ‘pop’ fears of bubble
UK culprits get French driving fines in post
Morris columns to fight Paris pollution
Over-75s can join young for meal in school canteen
Blue lobster on show at Océanopolis
Visit to French GP goes up by €2
High price for Bugatti brother’s sculpture
French wine production falls due to bad weather
Gas prices in France to fall beginning of May
Channel coast lowlands may be washed away by rising tide
New French bank account goes back to basics
Village marks first baby born in 50 years
Biscuits on prescription
New Le Petit Prince version for Sahara
Lensman recalls first Cannes festival
‘La Poste deliberately worsening services’
Napoleon’s ring returns to Valence
Philippe Croizon: Anything is possible - look at me
Valerie’s 62km charity challenge helps children
Macron: Winning may be easy part, governing will be harder
Prospect of Macron presidency offers country a ‘sense of hope’
Make sure your UK election vote counts - if you still have one....
I took French citizenship so I could vote
How can I stop fines being sent to old address?
Who is responsible for paying for work in communal areas?
Can I get help to install a car charging point at home?
What help can France give to a widow with children?
When and how do we swap old-style driving licences?
Why do people use names of areas not found on the map?
Must you join an association de pêche to be able to fish?
Mastering la bise and other greetings
Should I upgrade to 4G in France?
We want to transfer money back to England
Extra psychologists hired as French schools face difficulties
So, you are thinking of investing in French property...
Google is not getting lost in translation
Make life easy on yourself when learning French
Becoming a French citizen means paper, plenty paper
GP’s advice is just a phone call away on new 116 117
Car-sharers share a deal
Protests grow over Linky
How Lyon provided a new blueprint for greener public spaces
Free solar radios are lifeline for homeless people
Registration needed for Airbnb lets in cities
Wealth tax is due this year but will the new president change it?
Can I treat rent from mother as ‘holiday rental’ ?
Brexit and assurance vie
Do over-75s pay TV licence?
Must I report UK pension fund?
Declaring UK investments
Gains on forex spread betting
Legal challenge to cut some mortgage rates
New benefit ceilings in France
Taxing times in deciding pension options
Open business database in France is a mine of free information
Why am I liable to social charges on my pension?
Having a cesspit can mean money going down drain
Disused French offices get new lives as hotels
What are the responsibilities of landlords renting out unfurnished properties?
French prisons past their cell-by date
French Riviera Property Watch
A gilt-edged invitation to the grand costume ball
‘Wolves are the biggest problem that shepherds face...’
Our pick of French gardens to visit in May
Pupils in Sarlat selling English cakes for charity
All the world’s a stage for Top Girls’ all-female cast
Tea and sympa-thé on offer at café franglais
French couple longing to create ‘Downton chateau’
Now trending: arm knitting
Stephen Clarke: interview with the Merde author
Secret history of Notre-Dame du Port, Clermont-Ferrand
Celebrate the Allied spirit in Normandy
Unions in UK have more members than in France
Manchester chef cooking up a storm in Cantal
French winemaking’s sensible, and sustainable, future
Saffron: expensive spice of life grown entirely in France
French artisan farm cheeses to try
Lights, camera ...to Cannes!
Frantz film review
Monaco Baker who makes sweet dreams come alive