180 October 2017

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180 October 2017
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Ryanair passengers due €250 but not told
French jobs, pollution and weedkiller targeted
Carrefour sparks row over rare vegetable claims
Auction puts life-size historical waxworks on sale
French property tax cuts outlined
MEPs defend expat rights
My crime? I’m a fat French woman
Women pressurised to be slim in France
Internet shopping pushes La Poste to start Sunday delivery
Pétanque set for Paris Olympics
French vineyard solidarity helps beat weather
Cowbell complaint thrown out in Alps
Paris park for naturists
Most-bombed isle is cleared to reveal haven for wildlife
Paris roofers want Unesco protection
Normandy speeders first to face privatised fines
Tummy-tuck skin avoids animal tests
Arms race big shots
No time to spare this month for busy clockmaker
Radical slimmed-down electric car boosts range
A quarter of medical acts are unnecessary, says think-tank
Ostriches help Autruche
Besson’s Valerian bombs
Olympic challenge is for Paris 2024 to be accessible for all
Accessible Paris: Where to find information online
Old-fashioned Protestant work ethic is Macron’s plan
Cross-Channel canine contrasts
My British surname apparently cancels my right to grumble
Rebuilding church’s long lost tower is absurd ‘historic lie’
How long is a French prescription for medicine valid for?
Is there compensation for delayed cross-Channel ferries?
Can my wife become a dependant on my S1 form?
Is there a solution to stop someone feeding stray cats?
Can cyclists legally ride on pavement - what are the rules?
Is it normal for motorhome to be sold without a spare wheel?
Making sense of...Visiting the dentist in France
Schools not in tune with music plea
‘Sapin 2’ is (not) out to get you – it’s just sensible protection
Fewer days in class but more hours studying
How to drive a secondhand car deal in France and steer clear of scams
Power-hungry vacuum cleaners banned from sale
French telecoms: still time to act
Eight vaccines obligatory in France
Mythbuster: French restaurants cannot cope with vegetarians
Zimbabwe artists find a new future by working in France
Support fund is lifeline for Britons in France
Wreath-laying is final act in hunt for crash site
Rosé tales led to £60,000 for charity
French coastal clean-up groups also help to trace polluters
Simpler future ahead for the self-employed in France
30% tax alert may spark rush for PEL savings
Your personal tax allowance is still valid in the EEA
Fined €5,000 over UK bank accounts
Rental plan for SCI studio could be costly but there are options
Tax office said my PEP did not benefit from 65% reduction
Will lost investment cost me more in tax or social charges?
Preparation is key for a return to the UK
Cécile brings Kate’s royal maternity chic to Paris
Confusion on assisted conception law timing
Occasional work has its own form of CDD
Victor Hugo’s ‘work of art’ on Guernsey to get revamp
Property Watch: Aveyron, Lot, Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne
Septic tanks and SPANCs... the inside tale of a contrôle
‘Earthship’ eco-home lands in Dordogne
Bad workmanship is No1 problem with French builders
Unsold shop fruit is turned into jam – and jobs
Walking holidays in France
How to be a Routard guide researcher
Year of growth for Open Gardens
Gardening in France: a firm hand is required in autumn
Cooking aid stirring up a French kitchen revolution
Author interview: Jonathan Meades
What’s on in October in France
Mimi Thorisson recipes
En saison: What to put on your French plate in October
The paddy fields of the... Camargue
Meet the French producers: chestnuts
French artisan cheese of the month: Brocciu
Local food speciality: Broken olives
Winemaking: Picking the grapes is just the beginning
French interiors: A country conversion in Normandy
Raising a glass to the French language of intoxication
French books and films reviewed
First ever getaway car was French
The French Mrs Beeton who became a household name
Castel Meur: Little house built between mighty walls of granite 
On the range with a Catalan cowboy