181 November 2017

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181 November 2017
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Hidden risk from radon in French homes
Hunter’s bullet kills woman in her garden
Actor Bill Nighy tells of sleeping rough in Paris
Mirror image is cause of dyslexia
Fewer station stops to speed up TGVs
Progress but still no pledge to ring-fence expat rights
Why onward movement after Brexit is important to us
Brexit cyclist upbeat after 732km ride to Downing St
Brexit talks ‘don’t harm expats’
2018 Tour de France picks its winners
Poppy pick-up points
National service in France: concrete plans published in spring
French firm helps wheelchair users walk
Smart bikes for hire
First aid driving test
Driverless cars head for streets of Rouen
Miss Ronde hails ‘ideal body’ law
Beware being burned in cheap firewood con
Yoko Ono sour over lemon drink
Quality of life is why expats choose France (especially to retire)
‘Glyphosate caused our son’s health issues’
Provence also has its independence fight
Threat to Poitiers’ UK flights
My life’s work reuniting separated families
Joy as son I lost 57 years ago found me using DNA search
Save the heavy horses with gentle touch
Over-65s relearn Code de la Route to be better drivers
Egg coins honour No1 world chef
How forward-thinking French companies are inventing new ways for people to work
Employees make all decisions and that means they are responsible for finding answers
Business is better with a blue cape and a moped...
Co-working is cost-effective... ‘and you get to meet people!’
New 30% tax in France is a ‘present for the rich’ and for jobs
French politics seems more involved
Child comes first in public/private debate on schools
As mayor I am fighting plans for the 71st McDo in Paris
Is it true that there is a grant to help when moving home in France?
Are genetically-modified foods allowed in France?
Do I need to get British qualifications ‘validated’ before Brexit?
17 months on, notaire has not made inheritance declaration
Is it acceptable for me to pick mushrooms in local woods in France?
Make sense of... Starting an association or charity in France  
What is the best way to go about transferring money to France to cover general living costs? 
French schools are not stuck in timewarp
France No4 for parents’ work-life balance
Me and my operation: Triple heart bypass in France
€200 grant to buy electric bike to end despite success
Mairie option for Pacs
Double-glazing aid is cut
Vapers face €35 fine
Contactless limit is now €30
French holiday rental changes
France has a word for entrepreneur and they are good at it
Fundraising book’s heart-warming tale of dog retirement home
Fun and friendly debate with like-minded Lefties
SOS Helpline offers English support, no matter the problem
Bringing experts and charity groups together
Treasure game opens up region’s hidden secrets
Low-emission cars also caught in CO2 tax rise
SNCF inspectors go plain-clothed to trap fare cheats
Can a non-resident register to work as micro-entrepreneur?
ISF tax becomes IFI property tax
Has tax on UK pension changed?
Will loan payments pose problem?
What is our French B&B worth?
French bank credited wrong account
Income tax bands set to rise in France
Can you tell me how France views cash gifts and inheritance tax in what the UK calls a ‘Potentially Exempt Transfer’ (PET)?
Are there any legal formalities when building a dividing wall with neighbours’ house?
Putting creativity in the frame
Templars live on in historic buildings
Property watch: Ariège, Haute-Garonne, Gers, Hautes-Pyrénées
New sales record as buyers’ confidence in the market is restored
Viager may be a way to fund living to a ripe old age
Frogs, owls and bees help make wine
Wine auction is charity, but luxury-style
Explore France’s arboretums
Art-spotting in the French woods
Bande dessinée author is bringing comic book clarity to serious science
A brief history of bande dessinée
Open Gardens will keep on giving
November gardens: Time to lay down some roots
Mind your back during fruit and nut harvest
Ian Monk the vagabond poet who found his his way with words
Claquettes-chaussettes: How socks and sandals went from naff to nifty
November 2017 events in France
Engrenages back on French screens
20 years since Barbara died but her legacy is powerful
Clint Eastwood finds his Hollande and films at Elysée
French recipes: Soul food of Corsica
En saison: What to put on your plate in November
Bresse chickens still top of the pecking order
Meet the producers: French truffles
Test weedkiller more before banning it
French artisan cheese of the month: Beaufort
Local speciality: Le Mans rillettes
Antique chic in the Alpes-Maritimes
Cassoulet was invented to fend off the British
Auguste Rodin, 100 years on: master sculptor’s enduring legacy
Le Grand Palais in Paris: a glorious past and a bright future
French art restored with a time-travel flourish