184 February 2018

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184 February 2018
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Are there too many airports in France?
95% of French flights use just 16 (out of 84) airports
SNCF prepares to cut TGV costs to beat rivals
Euro-MPs ban electric fishing
Tougher rules on job seeking in France under review
Yew ‘cave’ is tree of the year
UK OAPs sent €5,296 healthcare bill in error
New pledge to get rid of mobile blackspots in France
Cycling to be taught to all in France
‘Don’t let Brexit block finance reforms’
Take practical protective steps while Brexit talks continue
Meet Paris’s first cheese maker
Now vegans can enjoy Camembert, as dairy-free version launches
€5bn to help economy in small French towns
The way of the jackal?
Speed cut to 80kph in France angers drivers’ body
Mitterrand’s vineyard rock protected
Authors who ‘do a Mayle’ continue to sell... and sell
Fake news failed to rock French election
The French aren’t ranting all the time – they are ‘verbal jousting’
Bocuse: The French chef who made cooking a great art
Notaire should have checked on Google


What help is available in France to people caring for relatives?
Why can’t I find gammon in France?
We have no carte grise for our caravan
Who is responsible if tree falls on line?
If I become French will this protect husband’s residency?
Make sense of... The micro-entrepreneur
The difference between government, private and state pensions, and how they are taxed
The best way to move your UK pension to France each month
Difficult decisions for school leavers in France
European regulation closes advisor pay loophole (for now)
After 20 years, it took a move to France to diagnose cancer
Mythbuster: Unemployment benefit is over-generous in France
Late-running 3G on RER...
Double the numbers cycle to work when paid to pedal
What is tax benefit of leaving money in will to a charity?
Why should I pay social charges?
Have rules changed for B&Bs in France?
How can I help rental visitors should they have problems with the wifi service if I am in the UK?
Building a ‘passive house’ means no more heating bills
Should I tell Cpam I am French?
Will tax cut benefit holiday home?
Non-residents and Orange Bank
Save on renovations in France


Teacher needed to help class keep up English
They closed the library so we set up our own
Lifeline lets older people pick up their lives again
France takes lead on glyphosate alternatives
Declare car sale via online code
Walking sticks are both traditional and beautiful
Retraining pays off for boss and artisans
Chalet styles date to days when families lived alongside animals
Property Watch: Normandy
French property: What you can buy on the ‘Smic’
...And what is available for the average rent...
Boost for 4m French households as energy cheque extended
Hens need much more than kitchen waste
Owners ‘save €6,300’ in mortgage cover ruling
Out-going tenant does not need to pay for paint
Alpine is a legend reborn for twisty roads
Short breaks: Take a detour and visit a hidden charmer
Canals calling: find your favourite ‘Little Venice’
Interview: actress/singer Sarah Tullamore on pleasing Anglo/French audiences
Bretons go Dutch for early tulips
Crocus focus for bright February
Author Tracy Chevalier on her French heritage
Affordable French gyms bring keep-fit fans to class
February’s French cultural digest
What’s on in France in February
Roux family recipes for success
En saison: What to put on your plate in February
Paris agricultural fair: When the countryside comes to town
French wine: Syrah so good in the northern Rhône
Meet the producers: tea in Aubrac
Artisan cheese of the month: Vacherin des Bauges
Local speciality: Collioure anchovies
Interiors: From Hollywood to Tarn-et-Garonne
Sex, lies and German spies: the mystery of Marthe Richard
An illuminating history of Gironde’s iconic lighthouse