185 March 2018

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185 March 2018
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Britons’ EU rights bid approved - ECJ to rule if Britons’ EU rights will survive Brexit
Why Johnny Hallyday’s battle of wills hinges on where we was resident
Criticism mounts of French national service plan
UK backs bill to give votes for life

BREXIT: Permanent expat residents are our priority – French ministry official

Are Britons returning to the UK?
Dordogne bypass fight continues
US plans for the lady barber of Paris
‘Uberisation’ threat to traditional French hairdressers
Europe’s online shops to open their borders
Rape charge called for in girl, 11, case
Less red tape as more police go on patrol
French bakery recreates WW1 bread
Children’s books added to Unesco heritage register
Red noses pay for clowns for ill children
French Oscars will honour films luring biggest crowds
More ‘self-care’ could cut queues at the French GP
Shoppers in France face €5bn bill to pay farmers more
Drivers in France must ‘park’ to use mobile
Anger over silencers for hunters
Pioneer village pays for its own solar farm
‘Let’s work together’ motto is helping town reduce jobless
Monday or Tuesday are best days to book for air fare deals from France
21 day, 710km wheelchair trek pays off with Macron support
Delays as French licence services go online


We returned to France for our son’s birth ...it was perfect
Linky users will face extra €500m bill, say auditors
Is it worth paying more for SP98 petrol instead of 95?
Will I save by changing energy firms?
What is relevance of coloured food score?
Must I swap carte grise after moving?
Are we being threatened with new tax if my wife dies?
Make sense of... The Michelin Guide
Is my UK rental income taxable in France?
What is best for a large currency transfer, spot contract or a forward contract?
Jump to it for your rentrée choices
Students to face four exams for their bac
Taking pot luck is never a good option for pensions
Me and my operation in France: Hysterectomy
Simple errors will be ‘let go’ as harsh regulations eased
No speeding fines for British drivers
June cut-off for discount on boilers and windows
Sky TV plans an online future without dishes
Julie finds fringe benefit for cancer sufferers
‘Free’ mobile 4G service is not so free
Electric heaters cost more than wood

Are UK banks reducing services to clients abroad?

Can we opt out of the ordures ménagères tax?

2017 income exchange rates


Why 76-year-old owner of first travel bookshop in Paris dislikes ‘browsers’
New exams will not fix the university drop-out rate
Who should survive a driverless car crash? You decide
New British party looking to France for inspiration
Mythbuster:‘France lags behind with new technology’
Get into the swing as Brittany dancers take to the floor
More Britons needed to build friendships in Vendée group
Slower pace suits Walking Football players
Unusual things to do in France
Pay a visit to France’s finest natural wonders
Interview: Zahia Ziouani, who created an orchestra so that she could conduct
Garden-loving friends in the north
Green news and garden digest
Garden column: Coppicing for structural benefits
Shed tax hike
Peter Bubb – meet the man who could have been Bond
James Bond has dedicated French followers
Trending: Home chefs feed guests then wash up afterwards
Michel Roux recipes: Heaven for fromage fans
En saison: What to put on your plate in March
Seasonal tips: the joy of asparagus
Meet the producers: rice from Brittany
Artisan cheese of the month: Crottin de Chavignol
What the future holds for organic wine
Homes: Normandy spring brings outdoor living
Why is illegal work called ‘travail au noir’?
Revealed: the little known civilised history of the Gauls
Gare de Lyon: Departure point is a fine destination in its own right
Tribute to Revolutionaries gets revamp