186 April 2018

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186 April 2018
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France ready for months of strikes
Bardot gift to elephant OAP home
Second-homes tax in France may live on
Phone deals ‘illegal’ in France
Driving in France: Contrôle technique changes on way
One third of birds have gone from French fields
Take a selfie or miss air delay pay-outs
Paris looks to open the road to free transport
French doctors attack alternative medicine
Tens of thousands sign petition against Linky costs
Cancer fear over ‘safe’ playgrounds
Make a €1 note to rival the dollar
Drunks to get a rude awakening in Caen
France to fix age of consent at 15 years
Macron wants to reinstate presidential hunting parties
Roubaix copies UK and sells rundown houses for just €1
Motorway tunnels are life-savers for animals
Alert on measles epidemic
‘Give and take’ recycling centre cuts landfill by 65%
Historic Paris basilica given restoration funds boost
Massive wine fraud hits Côtes du Rhône AOC
Dave slows speeding drivers
Multi-million Tour de France for Nice in 2020
Volunteer plea as aid is cut to sanctuaries
Businesses made to pay price for working too hard
Automatic right to move to France kept until end of 2020
New French study will show vital role of Britons in Nouvelle Aquitaine
Lack of GPs affecting almost all of France
Our school’s playtime bell is a jazz riff
Macron’s desire to be friends with all is an error
Air chippy? That’s the flight for me
Bluff your way in French fashion ... buy a scarf
Unions are weak but rail strikes can still disrupt daily lives


I would like to exhibit my art – what are the options?
Am I entitled to money for doing up home?
Does green bonus apply to scooters?
What can I do if a firm has cheated me?
Can I bring in plants from garden in UK?
Make sense of French boules games
How can I avoid paying too much on transfers to children at Uni in the UK?
How can I protect myself from broadband loss during winter storms in future?
My reform of the bac is a much-needed revolution
Being prepared is first big step to completing tax form
Me and my operation: Broken wrist
Now you can block calls to expensive numbers
Crit’air sticker price reduces
Parking cheaper than fine
Free glasses and dentistry is on the way... for 2022
Mythbuster: Railway workers still get a coal allowance
Mutuelle policies can ease pain of doctor’s fees
Wines are for drinking and, with care, investing
Cheap flats deal for students in return for after-school aid
Parking fine blitz as numberplate patrols take toll
Tax declaration time - what are the different forms for?
Lower your taxe d’habitation now

UK banks and expats
Four key points to know for estate planning
Doctor’s appointments now just a click away
Volunteers help ease the pain and cost of funerals
UK qualifications: prepare for Brexit
Do I need to file for income taxes in France?
Historic half-timbered style can be a craft for the future
Property Watch: West of Région Sud
Which financial steps I can take to minimise complications my children in the UK after I die?
What are the rules for buildign a wall between my home and neighbour’s?
Estate agents win in flat-hunt game
Buyers and sellers can check if the price is fair
Water and compost are vital... but why pay?
‘Bad faith’ Airbnb
must pay €8,000 for illegal rentals


Make a beeline for these French record-breakers
And the prize for the scariest place goes to...
Give island a special status, say governing Corsicans
Carol Drinkwater: “With France, I have come up trumps”
A remarkable garden in Aveyron
Green news and garden digest
April sowing and roses in bloom
The big interview: Hubert Reeves
Trending: France’s podcasting pioneers
April events and cultural news
The great French bake-off
En saison: What to put on your plate in April
Gin is new spirit of Entente Cordiale
Meet thy winemaker... and buy a bottle
Meet the producers: Beef from cider-drinking cows
Château living: love and responsibility, by Stéphane Bern
Community: One good turn can help fund cancer support
Museums convey complexities of France’s wartime role
Ups and downs of historic Gothic giant in Beauvais
Birkin and Gainsbourg: Stars aligned for Anglo-French liaison