187 May 2018

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187 May 2018
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Strikes spark fear of a summer of discontent
Opposition grows against speed limit cut to 80kph
Radio Londres kept us going in the war
Parent group backs move for obligatory schooling from age 3
Carte grise lag continues
A form of European civil war is reappearing, says Macron
Campaign aims to find out views of French on EU
State mistake ruined lives of 2,015 ‘stolen’ Réunion children
Netflix and Now TV go open in EU but not BBC
Doggy bags are just ‘not French,’ says hotel union
France tourist numbers hit a record but expat holiday rentals feel pinch
Bikers angry over new parking fees
Cable car to ‘boost tourism and cut Marseille pollution’
Writer is prince of land twice as large as France
Old-look French house completely heats itself
Landing a film deal promises big money for local tourism
Bare all for picnic and yoga in Paris
‘Men and women’ urinal passes test
French health plan attacked over alcohol
Wartime tragedy still resonates here
Strikes see Macron reap the whirlwind as Whirlpool closes
When kitchen gadgets spill the beans on our food secrets
What are residence rules for mixed nationality couples?
How can you show clean criminal record?
Stores fail to display correct weight
Make sense of ... LGBT prides and rights
I hear there is a new ‘flat’ tax on investments – what is this?
What a difference a day makes... especially when it’s only a half-day
Constant changes frustrating for parents
Success with succession often means choosing the simple option
Ops were done quickly but recovery is slow and painful
Annual offer gives cheaper rail travel
First-time buyers sign up for 35-year mortgages
Mythbuster: French drivers prefer to buy French cars
Volunteers needed as Alzheimer’s support grows
Save money by using a DIY garage
Cognac’s growing pains distil into vine war
Luncheon voucher use earns boss a warning
Give an old PC or Mac a new life as high-end cloud computer
Take the high-speed train to Spain to see Dali’s own museum
Unique Lot beach is full of dinosaur footprints
Norman triumph forever fixed by stitches in time
Tapestry for the ages of Franco-British relations
Gardens open for charity in 2018
May arrives... smelling of roses
The steady rise of slow tourism in rural France
The big interview: Adam Thorpe
Burgundy cookery class recipes
What to eat in May
All hail the givers of our daily bread
Can I avoid fraudulently labelled wine?
Effortlessly chic in a particulier style
Paris and passion: the life and erotic times of Anaïs Nin
Striking a pose for changing fashions