188 June 2018

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188 June 2018
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Vote Leave’s Lord Lawson applies for a carte de séjour

UK patients get NHS care in Calais hospital

Flying river taxis on the Seine and Saône

French electricity bill was a shock... at €164.8million

Giant worms invade France

Don’t panic: there’s plenty of French rosé for us all

Bordeaux wine giant loses ‘fake’ bottle case

We must make it easy to secure rights

No progress on expatriate votes or free movement

Help build EU’s future

World tour planned for 18th century replica Hermione

New weapon on way in war on mosquitoes

Migration: ‘Our team has saved 26,000 people... Europe must speak out and do more’

Eco Zad action targeting up to 50 sites

Dictionaries invent their own franglais

Anglophone doctor plea in Dordogne

I saved 10% in 100-day supermarket boycott

New tasks for French postal staff as letter use falls

€9,000-a-day ‘pay’ to be on reality TV

Seine booksellers ask for Unesco listing for the trade

French egg logo on its way

Cornish saint to join Brittany’s ‘Easter Island’ statue collection

Legal action over Lyme disease

Franco-British centre in jeopardy

Marie-Antoinette’s ‘farm’ house open

Des res lighthouse with pool for sale at €1.5m

Kiwi romance writer plots a happy ending in Provence

New Zealand is a long way if you miss family

Amour is in the air for couples who found new love in France

Social agency has mission to support artists

Dating sites in France

Hanging out with the world’s bad boys is no good for France

Brexit gives Macron chance to strengthen bond with Germany

Paris is Paris – it is not France

Why pride marches are still needed today

Join us to sing Messiah for our anniversary

Exciting changes for Aquitaine pastoral care

Hard work pays off for festival organisers



As a state official, may a notaire refuse certain work?

Free movement rights in Schengen Zone

May I inherit part of partner’s pension?

Will French state still pay for language course?

I have lost sight in one eye – can I continue to drive?

Poor service from Cpam: what to do

Make sense of: The new contrôle technique

I have put so much information onto my mobile that I am worried about what would happen if I lost it or had it stolen.

With a year left to go until the UK leaves the EU, is the GBP/EUR exchange rate likely to experience more Brexit-related movement?

What happens at école maternelle?

Pay flat rate tax or none at all... which would you prefer?

Ensure you are insured to fly drone

Breast cancer returned just after we moved to France

Data protection beefed up, firms must act now

Mythbuster: France has 258 varieties of cheese

Free app scans food label and gives a health rating

Beekeepers find new way to beat killer Asian hornet

Me and my operation: Mastectomy

Investment funds give viager a win-win option

Safeguard future payments from UK private pension

Plan to end small taxes (and a big one)

Get ahead – and plan for your coming tax year

Chamber of commerce benefits

Need a small repair? Looking for a little job? Think of a Lulu!

Training for the self-employed

Look closely to see the many different styles of la ville rose

The fonderie that is breaking the mould

Property Watch: Poitou-Charentes

Apiarists need to make a beeline for the mairie

I built my house for €3,000 (all materials included)!

What will be required in the way of documentation for the sale of a maison secondaire?

Are there rules restricting the hours when my neighbour can do noisy work?



Bronze casters show mettle in a physically tough craft

New Hilton hotel in Metz has old-style house at top

Work starts at Versailles to
save royal chapel from collapse

Residents face fines if they do not clear brush

400-years of friendship makes Nice a very British city

Streets and theatres alive with the sound of music

Successful home chef Ollie Timberlake on her path to a life in Burgundy

Make a beeline for these French gardens

Sowing a biennial trinity for June

The big interview: Blogger David Lebovitz

Trending: Ecolo crèches

Events: A retro bike ride in chateau country

Cultural digest: Private concerts and Cannes hits

Recipes: One-pot culinary perfection

En saison: What to put on your plate in June

The stylish art of French family living

This was the first French woman to get a degree

Malraux:The remarkable life of a French cultural phenomenon

Malraux saved Sarlat but left locals stone-faced

Art: A passion for brushstrokes in Brittany