189 July 2018

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189 July 2018
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Green jobs boost for rural France
Foreign investors see France as a good bet
French green energy projects help rebuild rural life
French rail strikes hit holiday weekend
World’s oldest cinema is still alive and flickering
French court backs ‘voluntary work for benefits’ idea
Wildlife in danger
LGBT care on way
Five EU judges are to hear case challenging Brexit vote
France ‘should do more to prepare’
Changes for second-home owners in France
In Limbo Too goes on sale
French radars will flash at 80kph even if the signs still say 90
MP demands opt-in system to ban firms making cold calls
La Poste tests end of Dordogne’s daily post
Recoup ‘seized’ flight items
Work starts on hyperloop test track near Toulouse
Urgent calls for new emergency number in France
Councillors keen for base revenue test
Nutty French cheese a winner
Plastic waste dumped in French shop protest
Time to increase French election spending to stop corruption charade
Keep your head, Manu; you are the French president, not the king
Tour de France to keep its‘podium girls’ despite critics
One pair of free glasses every two years for everyone in France
Wolf numbers in France to increase to 500
New giant forest to give Paris ‘green lungs’
France’s first official wolf hunters formed in 9th century
158-year-old French amusement park reopens after facelift
‘Rethink national service’ in France
French Frog chorus may cost €150,000
African art could be heading ‘home’
Linky faces court challenge from 300 in Bordeaux
MPs ignore Macron pledge on glyphosate
Alzheimer drugs halted
Tributes to Briton shot dead in quiet French village
French property market expected to cool after a record 2017
Ecologists don’t stop where profit begins, we keep going
Drivers in France see 90kph to 80 speed cut as a limit to their freedom

What natural remedies help against harmful caterpillars?
Mutuelles refused cover on age grounds
Will Brexit affect time I can spend in France?
Birth certificate problem for nationality
Where are unmarked camera cars in use?
Make sense of... French private schools
What is the most cost-efficient WIFI for use on canal boat?
Currency solutions for those spending summer in the UK
Learning French is a challenge, but vital
Capital gains: where one plus one equals too many tax offices
ME AND MY OPERATION: Fused discs / Arthrodèse lombaire
E-bikes may need cover
Pay Metro by smartphone
Check museum free days
More security for e-letters
€6,000 electric bonus stays
French bank account only demands are illegal
Jogger’s litter selfies led to global scheme
Pets face trip in X-ray scanner to travel in hold
Paying impôts can help avoid paying capital gains tax
Low-rate loans to ease renovations
Do RSI payments help pension in France?
Pay fiscal debts with a stamp
Insurance cover is key for new Nickel card
Fix your tax errors
Online pirates ahoy!
Tax considerations of owning property in France
Appreciating cultural differences is key at work
Advantages of learning office ‘rules’ in France
Avoid driving into fine double trouble
How will the new French ‘PAYE’ rate be calculated?
French property watch: Burgundy
Rules for installing a Jacuzzi in France
Now, you can sign on the dotted line... electronically
Move to simplify and overhaul housing law comes under attack

Dan Carter’s déjà-vu with Top 14 rugby win
Astronomy: Holidaying with the stars in France
Things looking up for French summer sky viewings
Rencontre: meet a silk-maker from Lyon
Canny, cross-dressing brother of Sun King steps out of shadows
French gardens: Colourful day out for a good cause
Hooray for the helenium in July
Heavy horses’ hooves stop rot disease and save vineyard
Interview: Jacqueline Yallop, author turned pig farmer in France
Relax over a coffee and cake... with feline friends
Interiors: Comfort, nostalgia and all mod cons
French events: In Brittany they party like it’s 1399
July’s French cultural digest
How will climate change affect wine?
French recipes for summer, the season of abundance
En saison: What to put on your plate in July
Take a gastronomic Tour de France
Rocamadour: Miracles and swords bring a million visitors
Who was Carême, France’s first celebrity chef?
Mythbuster:Only tourists eat snails and frogs legs today
Legion has wide coverage and a wide range of services
Town marks Scots link to its history
Methodical manner needed to restore stained-glass art
Dry stone huts were not used by shepherds, nor the Gauls...
Big picture: Vélocipédia cycling dandies are still on a roll