190 August 2018 (PDF)

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190 August 2018 (PDF)
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Confirmed: Britons will need a carte de séjour
Alix Bénézech: My Mission Impossible is arresting Tom Cruise
Court orders refund over non-resident social charges
Ease up on French tourism push or face overcrowded sites
Gîtes groups link up to challenge Airbnb
One in five French pools breaks safety laws
Eurostar may get low-cost rival
Major boost for French business set-up
Beekeeper’s trap blocks hornet queens – and no other insects
More foreign speeders in France to get fines but not Britons
Cheap options for pet holidays in France
Don’t panic and cards will be valid, says French ministry
Deadline looms, EU refers to ‘cliff edge’ exit
Pressure at prefectures
State ready to sell its Paris airport stake to invest in innovation
Station triples in size for Olympics and Brexit
Beware phone cons as four arrested in €38m call/text scam
India overtakes France
Plastic-powered boat can save the oceans... from plastic
Americans reminded to sign up for a vote
Nurse’s translation brainwave aids people from 200 countries
Dogs detect diabetes and help families
Firebug jailed after two fires
French roadside history being lost, one sign at a time
Joint plan to save Chantilly racing history from decay
Volunteer ‘fathers’ praised for saving endangered vulture
Health agency tells doctors to ‘take tick bites seriously’
Expats wait months for French driving licences
Police in France can call by when you are on holiday
Solidarity is no longer a crime
What is fraternity in France and how far should it go?
New French thyroid formula is ‘good quality’
Pesticides in honey under investigation in France
Exception to EU inheritance rules
Public can test out a robot taxi in Normandy
A luxury feel while driving but a pricey hit on the wallet
Animals get boost from dedication of volunteers
Thanks for buying our France calendar!
Back-breaking work pays off at chateau

Is sister’s British will valid in France?
Is there a fee to link French home to electricity?
What must you consider to bring a horse in to France?
Is arthritis treatment 100% reimbursed in France?
Turned down for cheap insulation offer
What are the rules for camping in the wild in France?
Makes sense of...National service in France
We only spend a few months a year in France - what are our broadband options?
Currency: Is the GBP/EUR exchange rate likely to strengthen in the next few months?
Crèche places are limited in France, so book early
Parents join teachers in dates protest
Taking on the French tax office: be prepared, be thorough and be right
Bac success for 675,600
ME AND MY OPERATION: Tonsillectomy
Connect direct to state sites to avoid the fakes
Money saver: Try the French train for days out
Fly-tippers in France may get the bill
Mythbuster: French are arrogant and do not like outsiders
Stop calls while driving in France
Non-caravanner creates a ‘growing’ worldwide business
Recycled sea plastic is made into floor tiles... and a boat
Have fun at the French beach but beware currents
E85 black box is legal and fuel is just €0.69/litre
Manage your new life in France and reap the benefits
Data laws mean gîte owner must protect clients’ details
New status protects workers who use ‘platforms’ like Uber
What is the so-called anneé blanche ‘blank tax year’ that people are talking about and who will benefit?
Brittany’s phares are more than just coastal highlights
French property watch: Nouvelle Aquitaine
Price property well and it could sell in 60 days
French tenant who sublet flat must repay €27,000
Late husband opted for a UK will
Can people just abandon cars in their garden and leave them there long term?

My brief life as an apprentice builder of medieval castles...
Couple put the Viking into ancient farming
France’s forgotten rival to Lawrence of Arabia
Crafts in focus: A céramiste needs art and technical skill
Owners think outside the box for their French homes
‘We grow more than 100,000 flowers and vegetables from seed at Villandry’
High garden standards in height of summer
Boxing clever with low level pest
Tanguy Pastureau interview: ‘François Hollande was funny, but he was rubbish’
Why does la rentrée take place in September?
Colette: Gigi author was one of world’s first ‘truly liberated’ women...
Less speed, more taste behind Slow Food trend
Give your Celtic side free rein
Culture: The impact of pencil and stencil
Recipes: Melt into chocolate science
En saison: What to put on your plate in August
Right now, France is at peak tomato...
The return of lower-alcohol fruity wines in France
Meet the French producers: pineau
French interiors:No drama for this chateau restoration
Sounds familiar: the French fear of name-calling
Tales of ancient tombs trace village’s timeline
Studio Harcourt: Photographers to the rich and famous

Phone cameras are essential for justice on housing estates
Macron defies gravity – his ratings fell after World Cup win
Drunk, drugged driver wrecked my body – but French law calls it an accident
French unions fighting for their rights is fine, but not if it will change nothing