191 September 2018 (PDF)

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191 September 2018 (PDF)
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Thousands to benefit from video GP sessions in France
'No deal' Brexit and Britons in France
British S1 couple told healthcare rights end on Brexit day and to contact the UK
Cut energy bills or face penalty on house sale
Google Earth threat has people rushing to pay tax

French surgeon warns on rugby head injuries
Ryanair brings in fee for cabin bags
Signs good for fine (and early) French wine crop
Funding for small French airports queried
Prefecture explains permis delays
MPs demand more Sunday opening in France
French site is hunting for alien life
Solar con victims’ victory over bank
French mayors quit as many have responsibility but no power
Protesters bid to halt Agincourt windfarm
Heritage lottery set to make €20m for French sites in danger
Street sex pests facing €90 on-the-spot fines
Angoulême is new star
Artificial heart man’s transplant
Homeopaths sue doctors
Sunk warships may be found
Urgent action needed on 800 at-risk French bridges
Women pioneers in submarines
Assurance vie payout ruled to be inheritance
Protecting environment to be named principle of the French constitution
‘Problem’ Pyrenees bear could be moved to another area or shot
Memory of war lives on in forest flowers
Anger over security bills for French festivals
Fewer road deaths in France but fines rise
Robot sniper injures with precision


Macron should have honoured First World War fallen at Amiens
To restore trust in politics, Macron must look to build a Sixth Republic
French school age: is compulsory education from age three is necessary
The joke is on everyone who takes pride in their chauvinist views


How to get a French social security number
Selling a business in France - how to reassure buyers
What are the rules about burning waste in a bonfire?Procedure for re-registering a car in France
What are a French mayor’s ‘police powers’?
Make sense of French higher education
How can I avoid storm damage to my phone line?
What is best way to send money to my daughter at Uni in UK?
The role of the French school nurse and (rare) doctor
Pensions … should you hop to a QROP? First, understand the grey areas...
ME AND MY OPERATION: Being fitted with a pacemaker
Give specs second sight
Cut-price power in-store
Cut the costs of your haircut
€500 culture aid for teens
Insurance for school days
Mythbuster: France is trailing European financial markets
Stopping centime coins is first step to saving €30bn
TV licence fee break for French B&Bs
Is any tax payable on gift of French holiday home?
Sites will have to pass earning details to fisc
Deadline to correct income declarations
‘Cash-back’ authorised
Seven points to know about UK pensions in France


Lourdes: spiritual site where solace meets commercial forces
Tour the places where France’s intellectual giants drank, flirted and created
Interview: Oenologist Antoine Médeville
Gardens: A final hurrah for summer 2018
Gardening: battling pests and planning bulbs
Exclusive interview: ecologist and aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Trending: the rise of naturism in France
Alexis Gabriel Aïnouz : French cuisine’s fresh twist
En saison: What to put on your plate in September
French cheese, but not as you know it
Wine: The truth about vigneron subsidies
Interiors icon Henri Samuel ‘was like a king’
Mata Hari: the spy who danced with destiny
Mont St Michel: How an abbey in the sea became a tourism giant
Golf in France: Tee time for Scottish pioneers in Pau
How Left Bank became the home of generations of free-thinkers
Ravel’s ‘crazy’ Boléro is 90 this year – visit the house where he lived
Animal rights activist who is turning French off meat one menu at a time
Abandoned pets need more ‘amis’ to give them a life
French lawn bowls club offers coaching for newbies
Group fills cracks in pavement with plants not cement
Rowing coach’s electric boat cleans water as it moves
Translation chatbot lets GP ‘speak’ to patients in English