192 October 2018 (PDF)

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192 October 2018 (PDF)
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Brexit: What to do now to help in the case of no deal
Benefits rethink in €8bn fight on poverty
French GP ‘assistants’ part of 54 healthcare reforms
One-track plan for French rail
Bid to raise French pet penalties
UK shelves abolition of Class 2 NICs
Free buses are just the ticket to open up city
€350m for French bike commuter plan
Snooze off French motorway blues with robot driver
Probe into French electrical giants
Elysée mementos are a hit
Cult 2CV and fun Méhari mark big berthas
New-(ish) owner takes over La Poste
Important French mortgage bank is to shut down
Armed hunter ’militia’ claim fake news, says gendarmerie
This may be last time you put the clock back
Water prices in France will rise to pay costs of repairing leaks
French owners can shut out Linky
Dordogne carte de séjour applications will take 8 years
What to do to get ready for Brexit
Doyen des poilus went off to First World War at 76
€200 French bank charge limit is ‘too high’
‘I have set a date to die, I don’t want to live a tedious old age’
'At source’ tax to go ahead including on foreign income
‘Maries’ of France rally to save small Marie Church
Get out into French nature for a cheap and fulfilling adventure
Fears as vaccines and drugs in short supply
France to support Algerian war soldiers

Success of Channel Tunnel shows need for real-world thinking
Calamity upon calamity as all the president’s men begin to see time running out
Super-fast ‘Hyperloop’ train is a pipe dream at best, a con at worst
South West boosted by newcomers
Growing trend is for a simple life in the French country

Changing carte de séjour address
Has Paca region changed name to be Region Sud?
Can we keep stray dog I found?
Can French firm insist that I work a bank holiday?
Green bonus for second-hand car in France
May motorbikes ‘weave in and out’ of traffic in France?
Make sense… of riding a scooter in France
Steps to avoid broadband problems in bad weather
How easily can I transfer my UK pension and savings to a French bank account?
Act quickly to ease French school phobia
French law can help you enjoy the fruits of your hard work
Teach maths in English to improve l’anglais
Urologist is my favourite man after seven operations
Orange pulls plug on copper phone system
DIY repairs... if you dare
Mythbuster: French farmers gain most from EU Policy
Regular French heater checks can save lives and cash
Is ‘equity release’ possible?
What is cost of a French nursing home?
Financial planning for expat retirees should be holistic
Meet the bin that treats its own rubbish
Boost ahead for small businesses in France
Treasured knives contain meteorite, gold and... Dung
Smaller firms can leave tax to Urssaf
The happy few who help keep basket-making alive in France
How will Brexit affect my income tax situation as a British resident of France?
Property Watch: Midi-Pyrénées North
Now we are dual nationals, do we need to change our wills?
Is there any form of legal aid available in France to help bring a law case?
French holiday homes face extra ‘empty’ surtax
Tax shock as French residents see bill rise by 24.56%
Compromis is not always a final step
Wood: the growing building material of the future
Owners lose out in erosion battle
New shops for Champs-Elysées

Kiwis taught me my passion for cheese
I live in a station and B&B guests sleep in Orient Express carriages
Underground France: visit these subterranean sites
In the drink: a cool salty cellar for wines of note
French sheep shearer on the challenges of making a living in the trade
French gardens: Dordogne gem is always box fresh
Gardening: Paint a floral picture in October
Vinx: The jazz man cometh... to Aude
Let’s go to the hops: the rise of French craft beers
Jumpin’ Jack Flash at the Crillon
Cultural digest: Long limbs and old school chills
Alain Ducasse: Bistro classics made easy
So wrong it’s right: why are tarte Tatins upside down?
Waiting game for ‘vignerons of the sea’
Structural benefits of vigneron grants
Interiors: Steal the style of French capital’s créatives
Don’t be too snob, English words can be handy
Le Figaro newspaper is named after opera man
Two generations of Dumas, each a compelling character
Strategic importance of France’s favourite village
Lazy days of Doisneau in the Dordogne
Morpurgo visit brings Paris Legion up to date
Volunteer actions help target older people’s loneliness
Future’s bright for the hotel soap we once threw away
Non-recycled plastic will cost 10% extra in shops
Police set to catch insurance dodgers
Haussmann’s Paris was an enormous building site
Music, Metro, please...