195 January 2019 (PDF)

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195 January 2019 (PDF)
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Britons in France still welcome after Brexit: French minister 
+ Teachers and hospital workers' jobs safe
+ Lord Lawson decides to leave France
+ Ring-fence expat rights now, demand campaigners
+ Consular service gears up to offer aid on cartes de séjour
+ France and UK clear confusion for Britons living abroad
+ Secret illegal restorer lands Panthéon clock job
What changes in France in 2019
Rural mayors are an endangered species France
Easyjet and Ryanair expand operations in France
Chinese criticised over €40m claim on airport's €10m profit
New calls for hunting ban in France as death toll mounts
Herbalists could return to French healthcare system
Organic food linked to drop in cancer risk
Could gilets jaunes form a political party? 
Short-term rental help for temporary workers
French nationality and foreign income...
Civic service: it's volunteering but with benefits 
Your right to err - once 
Stores in France must accept cash payments up to €3,000, by law
Why France's notaires must go hi-tech
France's gilet oranges who feed the world all year round
Mythbusting: High-altitude French ski resorts are all eyesores
Yes, you can still join the Duke of Wellington's Army...
Is the Cesu system only for residents of France
Four rules to follow for a secure financial future
Many jobs unfilled due to a lack of skills
Unauthorised work can gain retrospective approval
French cuisine is not living up to its reputation
Zone blanche solution to teenage phone addiction
How the gilets jaunes brought a President crashing down to earth 
When Citroen was French for style and innovation 
War-zone Medic: The French surgeon saving
lives in the heat of battle 
The blind Irish Eurovision singer who's now a mum of seven in Lorraine
The French senator who's also speaking up for Britons
France's mistrust of vaccines is putting everyone at risk
How to find the ski resort to suit your every need 
Pasteur: Scientific genius and media spin doctor
The art of creating books for children 
Green-fingered generosity in 2018
Flea markets go online and move upmarket
Fantastic apple dish recipes from top French chef Christophe Adam
What's On across France in January
Magic on a plate: When Ritz met Escoffier
Steak tartare: The classic carnivore dish that evokes raw emotion
How much should a bottle of wine cost?
+ French themed crosswords and quiz! + Readers' Letters + Comment
+ 10 pages of businesses and tradespeople serving English-speakers in France