196 February 2019 (PDF)

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196 February 2019 (PDF)
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EU 'green card' put forward as a solution as Brexit Day looms

France gears-up for no-deal Brexit

Britons in France will have one year to obtain a residency card if no-deal

Brexit 'a major error' for scientific research in UK and EU


What now for France's gilets jaunes?

Many in France feeling pinch despite boost in spending power in 2018

'I was there to watch 600 mayors debate with President Macron'

Finally - the promise of a brighter future for autistic young people in France

Row over the turrets of Chambord

Organ transplants down for first time in eight years

France's highest administrative court halts construction of a €32m Beynac bypass after €15m work carried out

MP wants it to be obligatory for all who take French nationality to also take a French name

More electricity deals available as Linky meters go live in 15m French homes

Citizens' referendum plan - a fair idea, but can it work?

Jobs under threat as France's railways open up to competition

'Buy one get one free' food deals scrapped

The scientists who say you do not have to grow old and sick

Tougher benefits sanctions as job-seekers told to accept less pay

More people living in France's big cities but Paris's population is shrinking


Why magazine's 'Hitler image' of Macron rightly shocked France

In the UK, great writers are a minority - in France they are feted ... and read

Push for a women's Tour de France gathers pace

Why do Parisian doors lock themselves?

You can't make an omelette without grating a truffle


Must French officials accept English documents?

Can you call pompiers from the UK?

The crucial difference between a diététicien and a nutritionniste

Who owns fallen tree branches if they fall in neighbour's garden?

What does the term 'fiche S' mean?

Make sense of the French Pacs partnership system

What are the options to work as a couple?

Safer Internet Day: Families need to sit down and talk about internet time

Old sailing boats get a new life as garden cabins

Pitfalls of buying a ski chalet off-plan

Cataract surgery in France - reader experience

Mythbuster: French universities are not up to scratch


Sadly, love is not all you need when it comes to inheritance planning

How you can protect your heirs from succession tax

Tax at source is here: all you need to know

Equity release in France: ‘The figures shocked me’

Will taking French nationality affect our tax situation?


Architecture spotlight: The dykes, locks and canals of Marais Poitevin

The very important difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau

The accidental TV chef who taught France how to love cupcakes

INTERVIEW: The young Briton loving life on a French farm

The remarkable history and modern day allure of Jardins du Luxembourg, the most celebrated public garden in Paris

The reasoning behind setting the price for a bottle of wine

Does lunar planting really work?

INTERVIEW: We speak to award-winning Based on a True Story author Delphine de Vigan 

Chef Rory Macdonald reveals what it takes to become a top pâtissier

The only French mustard maker to grow its own seeds

The strict refined and rustic requirements of chic Cottage Style

INTERVIEW: The accidental off-gridders have enjoyed soaking up the sun in the south of France

Jeanne d’Arc – taking the myth out of France’s ageless heroine

‘Wwoofers’ of the world unite for board and opportunity

+ French themed crosswords and quiz! + Readers' Letters + Comment
+ 10 pages of businesses and tradespeople serving English-speakers in France