198 April 2019 (PDF)

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198 April 2019 (PDF)
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Healthcare fears for Britons in France after Brexit 
UK government promises to pay healthcare costs for expats at current S1 levels for one year after Britain leaves EU
EU must focus on democracy after Brexit
A possible EU-wide charter for fairness
France aims to simplify travel rules in case of no-deal
Calais braces for post-Brexit booze cruises
Ring-fencing citizens' rights in EU after Brexit 'must be priority'
Plus, Brexit news in brief


2million ideas generated in France's Grand Débat - but gilets jaunes have their own ideas
French chemists could offer some medicines without doctor's prescription
Fillibusted: Tory MP talks down votes for life bill in UK Parliament
The debate for and against daylight savings time
Meet France's oldest working GP - still seeing patients at 97
French artisan jeweller celebrates after Meghan boosts sales
France to impose 3% turnover tax on Google, Amazon Facebook and Apple
Celebrating 50 years of the first-ever flight of the Concorde
What you need to know to pass citizenship culture test
French nationality: minimum language standards set to rise


Solar panels are a hot idea - but beware of pitfalls
Validity of 'European' British passports
Can you leave money in your will to a pet?
Is it usual to be charged a malus on a second-hand car?
Death came without pain thanks to end-of-life care
How making a 'living will' can clarifying your dying wishes
Cool new summer homes carved out of cliff face
The historic town building on 1,000 years of Franco-German influence
Owing a house is still a big ambition in France
Property watch: western PACA
Broadband access for short house-hunting trip
Boy, 5, saved mother's life because he new emergency phone number - do you?
Dossier Médical Partagé - four million subscribers can't be wrong

Mythbuster: French schools do not have uniforms


Too little too late - the government's street show of strength now is just a sign of desperation
Macron was weak dealing with the gilets jaunes - institutionalised rioting is the result
Blague humour - you've got to laugh
Wind turbines won't stop France's need for nuclear energy - so why disfigure France with them?
Personal service, French-style


How to pay local taxes in France now cheques are banned
Financial foolishness worthy of several poissons d'avril
Sign up for university grants now
Will Brexit change tax rules?
Banking change for low-pay sole traders
Micro-regimes help simplify income tax
Loan arranger can help freelances in need
Buyer beware: but mandataires in France could save 46% on cost of a car
Selling up? Why you need to understand your tax liability


The bear necessities: can France really protect its endangered species?
Revival for sensual artist inspired by France
Message in a bottle: a grand cru tour of southern France
Franco-British association celebrates a century of caring
The French wines you can drink without ruining your mornings after...
Pet rescue president decides to pass on his lead
INTERVIEW: TV presenter Stéphane Bern on the day he met the Queen
Keep or quaff - why do we age wine?
Open Gardens set for a successful new season
Wash and go green: French cosmetics on the slow road to success
INTERVIEW: Literary translator on lyrical French and robust English
French cooking with children
Colmar version 2.0 ... in Malaysia
Sorceress, midwife, poisoner: The life and loves of 'La Voisin'
The ancient monastery that transformed itself into a village

+ French themed crosswords and quiz! + Readers' Letters 
+ 10 pages of businesses and tradespeople serving English-speakers in France