203 September 2019 (PDF)

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203 September 2019 (PDF)
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The best way for Britons in France to prove residency in case of no-deal Brexit

A no-deal Brexit means complications at border control in Europe

Everything you need to know about Brexit effects on residency, driving licences, pets, passports, healthcare, pensions and air travel for Britons in France

UK students worried about loss of Erasmus exchange rights

Readers report refusal on healthcare and benefits

French barrister fights on for Britons on Brexit rights

British Embassy Brexit 'outreach' dates and locations in September 


Airships, trains and automobiles: Transport plans of the future in rural France

German rail firm bids for new French routes as SNCF opens network to competition

Cross-Channel swimmers, book your slots now 

Provençal town name signs  saved after locals fight back 

Quiet revolution sees French supermarket giant open stores without till staff

Britons turning their backs on French holidays

France's trumpeted solar road turns out to be a flop, but...

Brittany’s giant statues are twinned with Easter Island

Quarter of a million Britons face driving fines in France

UK bells ring out a welcome in the Pyrenees

Weaving is coming: Game of Thrones' tapestry is coming to France

France and Facebook unite to curb hate speech


Brexit and second home visits

How do I take action against an artisan for shoddy work?

Right to a French carte de séjour permanent

Can you really take one bottle out of a pack at French supermarkets

Make sense of ... your local mairie

Citizenship scheme for young people in France gets under way

Beat nuisance calls in France – sign up to Bloctel but don’t expect miracles 

Winter tyres to be obligatory 

Modern-day careers in the age-old art of bookbinding


Le Havre: No ordinary concrete jungle

House sales on track to hit a record million this year 

In French law, an unmaintained property is an uninsured property

Costly legal battle destroyed my dream life in French gite 

Yes, €1 insulation offer in France is genuine - but be wary

Know your roof - and understand its philosophy


There is no currency in gambling your future on Brexit roulette

How is UK dividend income taxed for us as French residents

Capital gains on UK investments

How to take financial control in the face of Brexit 

What is France's CFE tax and who has to pay it? 


The forgotten dark truth of Flying Frenchman Franky Zapata's madcap cross-Channel flight

Macron could care less about no-deal Brexit blame - his eyes are focused on EU crown

Why France's anti-waste law is doomed to failure

Rural French mayor killed doing his job would deny he is a 'hero'

A new regular column written by the British Ambassador to France: This month - remembering the sacrifices made at World War Two beach landings in Provence


Inteview: The Frenchman honouring lost heroes of World War Two ... one family at a time 

Around France - and Europe - in a campervan

From the Camargue to Chantilly, France’s love of horses knows no bounds 

Disabled French horse rider's five-month tour de France

Inteview: Finding Lucy - The French paleontologist behind one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th century

Van Gogh goes back to Provence

Lifestyle of the nomadic European house-sitter 

Separate Joan of Arc fact from fiction in Rouen

French heart of England’s lion-hearted warrior king

+ French themed crosswords and quiz! + Readers' Letters 
+ 10 pages of businesses and tradespeople serving English-speakers in France