204 October 2019 (PDF)

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204 October 2019 (PDF)
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Britons can apply for a French residency card online

‘It’s looking very promising’ for Remain - Prof AC Grayling

UK ‘should act now on pension uprating’

Fears of a no-deal Brexit putting strain on families, say campaigners


Older women in France risking lives by missing breast cancer checks

French government's pension reform plans set to trigger more strikes

Wine from forgotten French region set to make grade

Beware buying medicine online

Winegrowers’ free help saves flooded vineyard

French departments in no rush to change back to 90kph speed limit

Unmasked: the mystery plant-namers of Toulouse

You’re on camera: how artificial intelligence is changing security in one French city

‘2022 glyphosate ban’ warning for farmers

Refugees in France need an English lifeline

Cafe plan to reinvigorate 1,000 French villages

New €200m energy-saving scheme aims to cut red tape

Paris rooftop farm will yield tonne of fruit and veg a day

Smart trees bring a breath of fresh air to French cities

Pet power proves a powerful therapy


Every country ‘should copy La Poste’s home visit service’

Self-driving cars will be on French roads by 2022

Hydrogen-powered trains on track for French rails

Should older motorists in France pass a medical test before they get behind the wheel?

Why do the French buy so much UHT milk, not fresh?

France adopts SMS phone location system to save lives in emergencies


French chateaux for the price of a suburban semi in the UK

Owning a French monument historique has its advantages

Modern architecture lovers, assemble!

Villagers split as mayor sparks woodpile battle

Older houses are hot properties in France

Your rights in French law if squatters move into empty second-home

Property watch: Midi-Pyrénées

Are ‘loggia’ included in overall size?


Three common money errors to avoid in France 

New maternity leave pay for independent workers in France

What is France's éco-participation fee and how does it work?

Make sure your money lasts so you can enjoy a longer, happier life in France

What happens if micro-entrepreneurs in France go over the VAT threshold this year?

Effects of taking French nationality on tax status

Topping up UK pension from France


Never give up! Enjoy French life after work

Marion Maréchal's blonde ambition waiting in wings as Marine Le Pen rolls the electoral dice one last time

French politicians’ brushes with law are no badge of honour

‘I have seen results of homeopathy in my 40 years as a GP’

A new regular column written by the British Ambassador to France: ‘Local’ Franco-British links are as important as international ones


The bloody history of Albi's fortress cathedral

Portrait of a French serial ladykiller who went to the guillotine thanks to 'forgotten' women

The unique botanical conservation centre in Brittany that is saving exotic plants from extinction

October is an ideal time to watch migrating birds over France

Today’s fashions draw upon Calais' lacy past

The unconventional life and times of Simone de Beauvoir - the ‘world’s first’ publicly radical feminist

The French artist who forces us to face humanity's worst traits

The last earthly remains of villages that died for France

World’s best restaurant has a menu for 365 seasons

Mushroom season is here at last!

A autumnal taste of Provence

How to be a savvy French wine buyer

Caviar, France’s ultimate gourmet treat

Make sense of ... France's fake practice offices

Pupils find the formula to learn English

Interview: The French street artist who inspired Banksy

+ French themed crosswords and quiz! + Readers' Letters 
+ 10 pages of businesses and tradespeople serving English-speakers in France