209 March 2020 (PDF)

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209 March 2020 (PDF)
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The TWO residency cards you could apply for to remain in France after Brexit

Associate citizenship status for post-Brexit Britons 'in the gift of the EU'

UK's immigration stance 'worrying' says ex-minister

British carpenter’s low-income year halts French nationality bid

Should foreign residents have a vote in France's local elections?

Green is the buzzword for 2020 local elections in France

'Harder to get British food in France'

France plans four new regional parks – but there's no extra cash for them

Why residents in dozens of French villages are banned from falling ill

Tomato fears as resistant virus reaches Brittany

Airbus unveils designs for 'windowless' passenger jet

Safety fears on French roads as number of 'MoT' tests falls

France’s first ‘Alzheimer village’ mirrors local life


Will our mixed-sex Pacs partnership be valid in the UK after law change?

Tenants are responsible for regular boiler maintenance

Making a ‘living will’ in France

La Poste criticised over badly delivered parcels

Electric car sales charging ahead

Working as a couple in France

Resident in France, buying a car in UK

Married to a Resident in France, buying a car in UK

Married to a French person: do I need carte?

'How-to' guide to contesting a French planning application

Who wants faster broadband? Who doesn’t?

What will change for visiting British drivers after Brexit

A second language can be second nature

‘Number of days here’ rule for French residency is not enough

How French posties and a driving app drive are fuelling efficiency


Financial questions to answer before a French move

Dash cams can cut cost of insurance - and improve driving

How to save on cinema tickets

Future sell-offs in doubt despite lottery share success

Will taking Irish nationality change situation for tax?

Income tax 2020: Exchange rate for income in pounds


France's medieval new towns are ageing well

Chateau owner locks gate to block access to walkers

Property watch: Rhône-Alpes

Cities’ public buildings to be 50% built of wood

Solo manoir restoration in Brittany so good that it could win ‘historic’ status


Polluting digital screens are far from a private matter

No surprise that Macron has got tough protecting ‘Frenchness’

EU will continue to grow despite Brexit

Former Paris mayoral candidate’s sex video: is it really a big deal?

Reaction to coronavirus crisis proves strength of ties between France and UK


Interview: The Star Wars' star living in a French village not-so far, far away

Around the lighthouses of France in just 19 hours

Costly lessons of living in France

Cocktail hour, Paris-style...

Why you should let wine breathe easy for fuller flavour

Pilgrims’ progress in search of salvation along one of France's medieval pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela

Seaside rendez-vous: why La Rochelle is a must-visit for a 2020 city break

Meet the state-backed pirate who became a French royal favourite

'Jean genies' resurrect French family clothing business in ethical fashion

Interview: Former French Top Chef finalist has clear views on today's crop of kitchen apprentices

The five words that transformed a quiet French quarry town into a pilgrimage hotspot