210 April 2020 (PDF)

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210 April 2020 (PDF)
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This 64-page PDF edition has 8 pages devoted to the Covid-19 virus and the rules and advice in place in France.

We have published it early so we can provide important updates and answers to many of the questions readers are asking on the subject.

In addition to the special eight pages on the virus the edition carries our usual mix of news and features which include:

Funding to help Brexit Britons in France
Tracing the history of your French home + a couple's tale of what they found
How virtual reality masks are helping patients during operations
Readers' income tax questions answered + top tax myths about France
How to get low cost French lessons
Car number plate fraud - 'it happened to us'
Donating your body to science in France
Property Watch: Department 01: Ain
Forget Franglais... Frenglish is more accurate

Inventors remembered in the museums of France
French charity’s green-fingered goodness
French garden diary: Lilac love has roots in Lorraine
Pretty greens to adorn Michelin plates
The ex-city slicker turned shepherdess fighting for small-scale farmers 
Inside the houses that Le Corbusier built...
Secret history of France: Auch
Secret history of French villages: Village des Bories
Large and small scale marvels on show at French museum

INTERVIEW: How we created a world-renowned gallery in rural France
Modern art and hiking combine on this Unesco park route
Delicious and do-able French country recipes 
French language notes: quarantaine
Remarkable life and death of France’s ‘first feminist’
Bilingual crosswords + quiz + booksfilms + lots more