217 November 2020 (Digital edition)

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217 November 2020 (Digital edition)
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France coronavirus: Covid testing to launch in major French airports, Brittany Ferries to restart UK-France route, plus the likelihood of local lockdowns

Rapid Covid-19 antigen tests that work by nasal swab and offer results in under 30 minutes are set to begin at Nice and Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports, with plans to roll them out quickly to others across the country. The aim is to restore confidence in flying and help to end travel restrictions, such as the UK’s 14-day quarantine.

On page 3, we report on possible anti-virus measures - such as local lockdowns - as France faces record numbers of new cases. We also look at Brittany Ferries’ hopes for reopening the Portsmouth to Cherbourg route in December and the soaring demand for ‘better’ silk face masks.

Read our coverage on the front page and continued on pages 2-3. Stay informed with our analysis of the government’s weekly updates every Thursday online.

Brexit: 15,600 apply in first days of residency card website, readers’ questions answered

Reader feedback on the new French website for Britons applying for a residency card has been overwhelmingly positive. However, there are a couple of issues relating to income that readers over 65 especially should be aware of.

We’ve also answered your FAQs on the process such as how to submit your documents and what to do if you’ve lost your carte de séjour. Plus we report on the impact for one life insurance policy holder of Barclaycard’s recent decision to stop some services for Britons in France.

Find out more with our Brexit news coverage on pages 6 and 7. Updated information will be available online in our Brexit section as it is released.

Interview: Netflix's Emily in Paris is based on my life

The trending Netflix series Emily in Paris has been accused of not being realistic but much of it is spot on, says the American woman whose own experience working at a Parisian marketing agency inspired the script. The Connexion talks to Rebecca Leffler about the process of translating her real-life adventures to the small screen.

Read the full interview on page 13.

Healthcare: The unforeseen problem of ‘medical deserts’ in rural France

When writer Nick Inman’s entire family fell ill with the flu he contacted his local surgery where he’d been registered for 18 years - only to be refused a medical appointment. Investigating the cause, he uncovered the issue of ‘medical deserts’ in the French countryside where fewer doctors are willing to set up a practice.

Get the full story on page 15.

Comment: Our columnists weigh in on the issue of separatism in secular France

‘Macron spoke about radicalised criminals in a manner that spread collective guilt’, writes Nabila Ramdani on the president’s keynote anti-separatism speech. Also in the comment section, Simon Heffer asks, ‘What more could [France] do to prevent young Muslim men from finding fundamentalism so attractive in the first place?’

Get a different perspective on current affairs on page 14.

Make sense of: Top-up health cover

Residents in France who do not have “top-up” health insurance can face hospital bills of thousands - as some discovered this year after staying in intensive care for Covid-19. Fortunately, a new law will make it easier to change policies. We outline what you need to know to take out a private policy or apply for the free state scheme.

Reader questions answered

You asked, we answered. Find the advice you are looking for, including:

Noisy neighbour: Next door’s woodcutter is destroying our peace. What can we do?
Shopping: What is meant by the écoresponsable fruit label?
Passports: How do I find a passport photo counter-signatory?
Travel: Is a hotel responsible for thefts from my room?

Find out the answer and more advice for readers on page 18.

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