219 January 2021 (Digital edition)

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219 January 2021 (Digital edition)
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Covid-19 in France: When will Britons be able to visit France again?

After the Brexit transition ends on January 1, non-French people can no longer enter France from the UK – with the exception of resident foreigners returning home and a few other very limited cases - due to the EU’s mass travel ban on non-EU countries with high rates of coronavirus cases. We look at the network monitoring vaccination safety in France and speak to a French medical laboratory whose antibody treatment got caught in red tape.

Read our coronavirus vaccine coverage on the front page and continued on page 2, 3 and 34. Plus stay informed with our daily updates of the coronavirus situation online

Brexit: How visas and new cards work, the rules and fees for long stays. Plus, France offers hope to second homeowners on 90/180-day rule

Connexion readers have reported that the online application process for Brexit residency cards is straightforward and that cards are already being issued. A visit to the prefecture is required to give passport photographs and have your fingerprints scanned. Dordogne prefecture has sent out around 1,000 cards, with meetings taking around 15 minutes.

Find further updates for January such as information on driving licences and the financial means test with our Brexit news coverage on pages 6 and 7. Updated information will be available online in our Brexit section as it is released.

New Year Special Feature: Key changes in store for France in 2021

What changes will 2021 bring in key areas of life in France for residents, visitors and second homeowners? We have compiled a guide to some of the major laws and benefits to be aware of in the new year, from returning to work and property tax credits, to Brexit and bicycle theft-prevention.

See the comprehensive guide on pages 6 and 7.

Language: 10 tips for speaking better French, as law bans accent discrimination

Learning French on your list of new year’s resolutions this year? Our tips will help you get a head start. We also cover the new accent discrimination law which now adds it to the list of actionable discrimination cases, along with racism, sexism and disability.

Read these and other current news stories on pages 8 and 9.

Interviews: Growing old meaningfully, and the adventurous amputee who is now going to space

We speak to 77-year-old journalist and former Psychologies magazine owner Perla Servan Schreiber on her latest book about growing old, meaningfully. Phillipe Croizon, athlete and quadruple amputee, talks to The Connexion about asking Elon Musk for a seat in the Starship.

See the interviews on page 13.

Reader questions answered

You asked, we answered. Send your queries to questions@connexionfrance.com

  • Can store staff carry out pat-down checks?
  • How can I obtain compensation after being injured in a car accident?
  • Where can we find French travel insurance for a six-month stay?
  • Do postmen have a key to get into my letterbox?
  • Are there penalties for overstaying 90 days?


Comment: Macron faces double fight - Beat Covid and come up with a re-election plan

Education: France flagging in maths and sport

Cycling: Pedal power ‘keeps cyclists young at heart, and slashes risk of cancer’ + Our pick of biking facts linked to France

Community: Old navy man fights to walk in steps of secret wartime soldiers

And: French Living lifestyle and culture pull-out for print subscribers, including a tour of France’s chicest spa towns, a taste of French whisky-making, the story of industrial design pioneer Raymond Loewy and tips for mastering the art of French pâtisserie in 2021.